How to Become an Independent Affiliate Member of Primary the Ruling Class

There are two ways to participate with Primary the Ruling Class:

You can be a Friend of the Movement (FM) by simply making a one-time donation of any amount, or (preferred) by setting up a monthly mini-donation of either $9.95, $29,95, or $99.95. Friends of the Movement can receive the StressFreeBill newsletter and will be informed of campaigns and strategies of the movement. Friends of the movement are not eligible to receive any compensation other than our sincere gratitude.

Independent Affiliate Members (IAMs) are those that choose to participate in the Compensation Plan and receive financial rewards for their fundraising efforts.

See Below for Special Pre-Launch Rules

Qualifications and Rewards

Friends of the Movement are individuals that contribute with a monthly donation subscription or a one-time donation, but have not purchased a New Member Kit. This rank is not eligible for compensation.

Independent Affiliate Members are individuals who have purchased a New Member Kit. In addition, to be Active, these individuals must 1) have generated at least $500 in one-time donations (a personal donation or, by personally sponsoring Friends of the Movement that collectively donate at least $500 in one-time donations), and 2) maintaining monthly Mini-Donation Subscription(s) totalling at least $49.75 (suggested: a personal subscription of $29.95 plus two personal sponsorships of $9.95 monthly Friends of the Movement). All these criteria can be met by purchasing a Grow the Movement Package,*


Fast Start Bonus – All Active Independent Affiliate Members are eligible to receive a one-time $100 bonus each time they personally sponsor an individual that purchases a Grow the Movement Package.*

Founders Bonus – Any Qualified IAM that builds and has in place (at time of Launch) a team of at least 50 Active IAMs will receive a one-time Founders Bonus of $2,500. For each additions sets of 50 Active IAMs, additional bonuses of $2,500 will be awarded. For example, if at time of the Official Launch a leader has built a team of 157 Active IAMs, they will be awarded a Founders Bonus of $7,500.

Rank Status Definitions

‘Active’ status – An individual that is currently satisfying all the requirements to be an Independent Affiliate Member listed in the Compensation Plan as well as the Terms and Conditions.*

‘Qualified’ status – An Active IAM that is maintaining at least one personally sponsored Active IAM on each side of their genealogy tree. Qualified IAMs are eligible to receive override commissions on the donations generated by those below them in the genealogy (as specified in the Compensation Plan).*

* See the Compensation Plan for full details.

The Grow the Movement Package is the preferred way to become an Independent Affiliate Member of Primary the Ruling Class.

Do you have questions about how it works? Do you just want to check us out and/or know more about us? Use the form on the right to let us know and we’ll have one of our experts contact you. Your email and phone are safe with us and will never be sold. We are confident that the more you know about Primary the Ruling Class the better you’ll feel about joining us!

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