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PRC Credo

Primary the Ruling Class (PRC) is an America First grassroots movement made up of everyday Americans fed up with Politics as Usual.

We are a not-for-profit organization that is authorized to legally accept donations and run campaign ads for or against candidates for Federal Office because we are registered with the Federal Elections Commission as a Political Action Committee (PRC PAC).

We believe the United States should lead the world, not be subjugated to it. We do not recognize any foreign countries’ or multinational corporation’s authority over us.

We believe foreign interference and election integrity are real problems and could not exist without the complicity and aid of Ruling Class Establishment Republicans.

We do not believe abandoning the Republican party to the Establishment Globalists is the answer. We do not believe starting a third party is the answer. We believe in reforming the Republican party. We believe if we save the GOP, we save our elections. We believe if we save the GOP, we save America. Learn More

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What We Do (strategy)

To achieve our goal of reforming the Republican party (and saving America), we must implement two primary strategies:

1) Educate the American people on who the enemy really is. Too many people believe Democrats are bad and Republicans are good (or, vice versa). This oversimplified view ignores the fact of corruption dominating the leadership of both parties and has led to massive growth in Independent registrations. Most Americans are somewhat conservative in their politics and would be attracted to a party that has rid itself of Ruling Class Establishment RINO leadership. We must stop letting corrupt politicians hide and lie just because they have an ‘R’ behind their name. The real enemy to conservatives is Globalism – multinational corporations and foreign countries using their massive wealth to spread anti-American influence by buying and/or extorting politicians, civil servants, judges, universities, celebrities, and more. You cannot defeat an enemy unless you can name them. Globalism is the enemy. Learn More

2) Defeat Globalist Ruling Class Establishment Republicans in Primary Elections all across the country. The Ruling Class Republican Establishment hand-picks fellow RINOs and promotes them as conservatives in Republican Primary Elections. Because so few Americans vote in the Primaries, these are relatively inexpensive elections and the establishment easily dominates. PRC PAC can and will use donations to build a war chest to support America First Republican candidates in Federal Primary elections. Learn More

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How We Do It (Tactics)

Via the PRC Daily News Feed App, PRC provides commentary on the political happenings of the day and backs it up with access to original articles from many different sources. Following this newsfeed will ‘lift the veil’ on what is really happening in our country and who the enemy really is. With the current climate of strong censorship and the trend of de-platforming conservative news sources, it is more important than ever for Americans to have unrestricted access to real news. This app is somewhat clandestine and ‘de-platform proof’ in that the free app is not branded to us (it is available in both The Apple Store as well as Google Play and is used by hundreds of thousands for a variety of entertainment purposes). We teach Americans not only how to download the free app, but also how to connect it to our PRC Daily News Feed. This app and news feed are free for all Americans. Learn More

The PRC Weekly Report podcast (Rants on the Ruling Class) is a deep-dive look at the motivation and behind the scenes happenings in our world today. Backgrounds of public figures, money trails, corrupt connections, and insight on what to expect and look for are shared. As with all things PRC, all news is highly vetted and sourced – this is not a rumor mill, but rather a source for sound reasoning and insight. This podcast is available on our app and most podcast platforms and is free for all Americans. Learn More

After covering operating expenses, all leftover PRC funds are dedicated to the PRC War Chest. This fund is used to finance political advertising during Primary Elections. These ads are considered a ‘two-for’… They not only help replace a Ruling Class politician; they also help educate the public at the same time. Learn More

PRC also maintains a Deep Dive Political Research Archive that goes back years and covers tens of thousands of articles, vote records, reports, judgments, interviews, and statements made by politicians, civil servants, judges, etc. We use the archives to publicly correct the record and hold politician’s feet to the fire. It would be impossible to fight media bias and overcome massive censorship to educate the public without a comprehensive resource such as this. The archive is also a powerful tool for individuals to use when discussing political issues with others. With this archive as a resource, you may never lose a political argument again! Access to the PRC Deep Dive Political Research Archive is reserved for members only. Learn More

We also produce the weekly PRC newsletter, Stop the RINOs. This newsletter could very well be the best political newsletter in the country – it is definitely one of the most honest. It will bring you the ‘news behind the news’ from sources far and wide. This is a great way to stay ‘in the know.’ The Stop the RINOs newsletter is a benefit for membership in PRC. 

PRC periodically provides Realtime Informational Updates via video conferencing or webinars. Typically used to quickly disseminate information and explanations during rapidly occurring political events, these events are secured by utilizing encryption technology to avoid the prying eyes of the PC Police. Please Note: PRC activities never condone or promote violent or illegal activity. Encryption technology is used solely to promote confidentiality. Realtime Informational Updates are a privilege for PRC members only. 

PRC members enjoy community sharing via Private and Group Chat Rooms. Encrypted for security and not subject to the censorship of Big-tech, these chat rooms allow the sharing of information, thoughts, speculation, and more. Building relationships with like-minded individuals across the country can be personally rewarding and career-enhancing. Please Note: PRC activities never condone or promote violent or illegal activity. Encryption technology is used solely to promote confidentiality. Private and Group Chat Rooms are a privilege for PRC members only. 

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PRC Membership

Our members donate via monthly membership dues, annual membership dues, or a lifetime membership option. What are you doing to save the country? Are you ready to do more than just venting on social media? Learn More

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