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Primary the Ruling Class (PRC) is an America First grassroots movement made up of everyday Americans fed up with Politics as Usual.

We are a not-for-profit Voter’s Organization that works Top-Down/Bottom-Up to restore political power to We the People. We are authorized to legally accept donations and run campaign ads for or against candidates for Federal Office through our Political Action Committee (PRC PAC).

We believe in promoting local involvement from the precinct level up in order to take back control of the Republican Party from the Professional Political Class.

We believe the United States should lead the world, not be subjugated to it. We do not recognize any foreign countries’ or multinational corporations’ authority over us.

We believe foreign interference and election integrity are real problems and could not exist without the complicity and aid of RINO Ruling Class Establishment Republicans.

We do not believe abandoning the Republican party to the Establishment Globalists is the answer. We do not believe starting a third party is the answer. We believe in reforming the Republican party. We believe if we save the GOP, we save our elections. We believe if we save the GOP, we save America. Learn More

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What We Do (strategy)

To achieve our goal of reforming the Republican party (and saving America), we must implement a Bottom-Up and Top-Down strategy. Both are critically important to effect real change in any given state or on any given issue. Go HERE for an example of the Bottom-Up/Top-Down strategy at work. Click on the boxes below to learn more about our tactics.

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PRC Membership

We welcome participation in PRC events by all patriotic Americans. We also greatly appreciate and need one-time donations. In keeping with our Bottom-Up/Top-Down approach, however, actual membership into the Primary the Ruling Class organization is free, but invitations are reserved for those who consistently donate to PRC PAC. The level of donation is totally at the discretion and ability of the member and has no bearing on membership status (other than title).

Among other privileges, PRC members enjoy community sharing via Private and Group Chat Rooms. Encrypted for security and not subject to the censorship of Big-tech, these chat rooms allow the sharing of information, thoughts, speculation, and more. Building relationships with like-minded individuals across the country can be personally rewarding and career-enhancing. Please Note: PRC activities never condone or promote violent or illegal activity. Encryption technology is used solely to promote confidentiality. Private and Group Chat Rooms are a privilege for PRC members only. 

Go HERE to discover why patriotic Americans like yourself have chosen to join PRC.

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