Four Ways You Can Participate

If you are tired of complaining about politics in he United States, get involved. Membership in PRC PAC can give you the same powerful voice as a multimillionaire mega-donor.

Independent Affiliate Member

Become a paid consultant for PRC PAC. We will train you how to make Top Dollar earnings on even a part-time effort. Click on the icon.

Independent Participating Member

The second highest level of membership and participation. Take a stand; have a voice. Click on the icon to learn more.

Non-Affiliated Donor

Purchase merchandise or make a donation - you'll have a voice in the PAC's decisions. Click on the icon to learn more.

Special Skills Volunteer

If you have special talents you can donate your time. Click on the icon for a list of special skills needed.

Can Make A Difference

Thousands of people a week are hearing about Primary the Ruling Class and many are getting involved. This could be your chance to actually do something for your country. Something you can be proud of. Something that sets an example so our children will learn the United States is something worth standing up for.

Benefits of Membership

  • Have Input into which Candidates the PAC Supports
  • Have Access to the Detailed Strategy of the PAC
  • Gain Insider Knowledge of Politics Behind the Scenes
  • Potentially Earn Significant Residual Income for Helping the PAC Grow
  • Set Your Own Hours
  • Work Spare-time, Part-time, or Full-time
  • Meet Thousands of Like-Minded People Across the Country
  • Associate with Doers, Not Big Talkers
  • Earn Reward Trips to National Events

The #1 Benefit is Knowing You’re Replacing Establishment Politicians with ‘America First’ Patriots

We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore… And Neither Are You

Go HERE for a Graphic on Why We Need to Band Together

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What Our Members Say

Our Greatest Strength is Our People. From Every Walk of Life, We are United in Our Purpose of Replacing Establishment Politicians with America First Candidates.
Tim & Kathy Bruce

Tim & Kathy Bruce

California Highway Patrol (retired)

"I made the decision to join PRC PAC to know that I will be helping us, the voters, to have a stronger voice to those that we elect to serve all Americans. Not just the few."

Todd & Becky Workman

Todd & Becky Workman

Mayor - Haxtun, CO

"PRC PAC gives us a united voice. We've got to Drain the swamp - one creature at a time!"

Dean Michael

Dean Michael

Dist. Rep, Phillips County Republican Caucus

"The Silent Majority needs to stop being so silent!"

Sharon Myers-Durbin

Sharon Myers-Durbin

Secretary, San Joaquin Valley Republican Party

"I joined PRC PAC because I wanted to be part of the solution. I wanted to contribute as a person who is tired of lobbyists, unions, and others who try to buy favors from candidates and representatives. It is our turn."

Examples of our Merchandise

Help Support the Cause - View All our Products in the PRC Store

Stop the RINOs T-shirts – uni long sleeve

Premium quality ink printed T-shirts. The large design is on the front.


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Embroidered Hoodies

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Primary the Ruling Class T-shirts – women’s

Premium quality ink printed T-shirts. The large design is on the back.