Naming the Enemy – It’s Not Just Liberalism

StressFreeBill has for years now been documenting the rise of a new culture within American society. Like any movement there are cultural leaders and cultural followers, true believers and those who ‘believe’ just because everyone they know does and/or it’s all they’ve ever known. And like with any strong belief system, there are the unscrupulous … Read more

Globalism vs Nationalism

Globalism vs. Nationalism StressFreeBill grew up in the era of Star Trek. Watching the show it was obvious that their society had advanced far beyond ours. For example, the earth no longer used money and the planet was united under a central government. Indeed, the name United Federation of Planets implied that this government spanned more than … Read more

Ruling Class Politicians

StressFreeBill is not a person that believes all politicians are evil people. Many are hard-working family men and women that began their careers in public service with a desire to serve the greater good. Along the way, however, many get subverted, or indoctrinated, into the Ruling Class culture. This cultural assimilation is most prevalent on … Read more

The Ruling Class Bureaucracy

What Is the Deep State? Most of us have heard pundits and journalists talk about the Deep State. We watch almost daily as the Washington Post or New York Times publishes some shocking bit of ‘news’ about President Donald Trump – and the origin of these ‘credible leaks’ is always some un-named source from the … Read more

Ruling Class Suck-ups

StressFreeBill took drama classes in high school and college (I was also in the band, lettered in football, and was on the school chess team – I know, I was a weird kid). None of that means anything, of course, except to say that anyone that doesn’t believe certain personality types are attracted to specific … Read more

The Ruling Class Judiciary

Power Corrupts Our Founding Fathers were fully aware of this. Most of us tend to forget that civilization had existed on our planet for thousands of years prior to the American Revolution. Humanity had already played around with untold variations of government. Investing power in a single ruler had never worked out well; emperors, dictators, … Read more