Exciting Enhancements to Primary the Ruling Class

Exciting Enhancements to Primary the Ruling Class Scroll down for great enhancements of the membership program, as well as new membership aids. Also, a Women’s Merchandise section has been added to PRC Coffee Company. We encourage everyone to take a moment to read this! We also encourage everyone to check out our new Sign-up page. … Read more

If You Value Our Political Views…

If You Value Our Political Views… NOTICE: Many of the high-tech platforms do not want you to hear our messages and information regarding events in America (and around the world). These multinational companies that own the traditional media, as well as social media, have teamed up to deny the public the news and information that … Read more

You Are Being Asked to Run for Congress

To: You From: A fellow citizen We are dead serious about this. Our country desperately needs good people like you in office. If not the US Congress, then run for a US Senate, Governorship, or Statehouse seat. We don’t care if you have political experience – too many professional politicians simply ‘play the game’ and … Read more

If I Were A Racist…

Racism is not endemic or systemic, our Constitution is not based on racism, and it is not currently institutionalized… nevertheless, a racist agenda is being pursued with truly reckless abandon I am not a racist. I am a white conservative male born to this country and raised in the Midwest and I am not a … Read more

Merry Christmas

All of us at PRC PAC are proud of our members, our fellow Americans, our country, and our President. We want to wish everyone a… Merry Christmas Take this holiday break from political battles to appreciate your spouse, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your God.  We’ll be here to start the good fight … Read more

What Everyone is Missing in the Impeachment Circus

This is a great learning opportunity to understand the seemingly insane world of politics we Americans find ourselves immersed in… PRC has for years been educating Americans to the fact that the biggest battles in Washington are no longer Democrat vs Republican, but rather the establishment Ruling Class vs patriots that put America first (i.e. … Read more

PRC PAC Was Ahead of Rush Limbaugh by Two Years – Now, He’s On Board

The Primary the Ruling Class movement (PRC PAC) was ahead of Rush Limbaugh by two years when it comes to understanding and articulating the globalist anti-American nature of the Ruling Class culture that dominates both the Democrat and Republican leadership in Congress (as well as our media, Deep State, judiciary, intelligentsia, CEOs of multinational companies, … Read more