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Primary The Ruling Class is an Independent Political Action Committee (Super PAC) that has the goal of influencing US politics via campaigning in targeted elections, as well as by educating the public on specific targeted issues. We accomplish this in two ways, 1) We build a massive grassroots organization, and 2) We fundraise to cover costs and build a warchest.

Our independent members constitute a ‘volunteer army’ that is available for peaceful and coordinated political activism. The warchest we build can be used to finance the production and run of campaign and educational advertising.

Like almost all Political Action Committees, we will utilize paid consultants to help us with recruiting and fundraising. You can choose to be an unpaid volunteer (NAD – Non-Affiliated Donor), or a paid consultant (IAM – Independent Affiliate Member).****

NADs can choose top set up a monthly mini-donation of $9.95, $29.95, or $99.95 per month via subscription (autoship). NADS can also choose to make a one-time stand-alone donation of any amount. NADS can also choose to donate their time by volunteering.

Being an IAM, however, can be…

The Benefits of being an IAM can be INCREDIBLE !!! LUCRATIVE !!! REWARDING !!! LIFECHANGING !!!

PRC uses a Duel Team Building formula to financially reward its members for their teambuilding efforts.**** Build two teams and be rewarded with a weekly override based on a percentage of the smaller team’s weekly fundraising. The chart below illistrates the percentages and can be extremely lucrative – remember, you are paid on the team volume, not just your own efforts.****

You can go through as many as 40 Steps per day - earn as much as $3,000 daily with this override.

Fast Start Bonuses:

Earn a one-time Fast Start Bonus of $50 to $150 everytime an IAM joins with a Movement Package.****

Solicited Stand-Alone Donations:

Earn a 7% fundraising bonus on all stand-alone donations exceeding $600.****

Leadership Bonuses:

Duplication Bonus – (One-time $500 award) – Sponsor two (one in each leg) that each sponsor two (one in each of their legs).  In other words, become qualified, and then achieve at least one personally sponsored Qualified IAM in each leg.****

Fundraising Bonus – (One-time $500 award) – Personally sponsor NADs that maintain ≥ 370CV in monthly mini-donation subscriptions (autoship).****

Rank Achievement Bonuses – Earn a one-time Leadership Bonus by maintaining new rank qualifications.****

  • Bronze = $2,000
  • Silver = $4,000
  • Gold = $10,000
  • Platinum = $25,000
  • Diamond = $50,000

Car Bonus – You can qualify for PRC to make your car payment (up to $1,200 per month).****

Incentive Trips – PRC believes in rewarding its IAMs for success in helping promote the cause. You can qualify for various incentive trips in two different categories.****

Some trips will be politically oriented and may include admission to the Republican National Convention, CPAC, and other conservative conferences. Other trips will be simply for relaxation and fun and can include cruises and luxurious getaways.  

**** See the full Compensation Plan for details.

Please Note:

All donors (at any level) must watch the Founder’s ‘Will You Join Me?’ video…

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