PRC Founders Bonus Pool


Founders Bonus Pool


Active IAMs that qualify for the Founders Bonus Pool will receive an equal share of a monthly bonus pool every month for the first 12 months after PRC’s Official Launch Date. The Bonus Pool will equal 1% of PRC’s new monthly CV.  (See the example chart below)*

In addition, qualifiers will be honored at PRC PAC events with VIP treatment, including special seating, and recognition.


In the event that more than 3 IAMs qualify for the pool, the pool amount will be increased to 2%.


1) Build a Pre-Launch Team

During the Pre-Launch Period, build a Personal Group of at least 100 Active IAMs with at least 20 of them Unencumbered. Bonus recipients must remain Qualified in the PRC Compensation Plan to receive the monthly bonus.


Personal Group: For the purposes of this Bonus Pool, an IAM’s Personal Group will refer to Active IAMs sponsored by that person, and all the Active IAMs sponsored by them, etc. (to infinity).

Active IAM: For the purposes of this Bonus Pool, an Active IAM is an individual that has purchased a Join the Movement Package and whose first autoship (after Launch) successfully runs.

Unencumbered: An IAM’s Personal Group outside of the largest genealogical tree of that Personal Group. For example: If an IAM personally sponsors 5 other IAMs, the largest Personal Group (of the 5) would be considered encumbered. The Personal Groups of the other 4 would be Unencumbered.

Pre-Launch Period: From now until midnight PST August 31, 2018 .

Official Launch Date: TBA

2) Make a Donation of $12,000 or More

During the Pre-Launch Period, personal donations of $12,000 or more will automatically qualify the donor for the Founders Bonus Pool and will achieve Lifetime Active IAM status. 

3) Make a Loan of $40,000

Start-up costs to an organization like PRC PAC are extensive and are the only thing that holds back explosive growth. A donation (or loan) of this size could dramatically speed-up our ability to grow and affect elections.


Individuals making a qualifying loan will receive the title and recognition of Founders Bonus Pool qualifiers and will achieve Lifetime Active IAM status, but will NOT participate in the bonus pool payout – they will alternatively qualify for the following repayment terms:

They will receive 1% of PRC’s new monthly CV every month for the first 12 months after PRC’s Official Launch Date.  The accumulated repayment may exceed the original amount of the loan, however, it will be capped at $80,000. In the event that the full amount of the original loan has not been fully repaid by the end of twelve months, the monthly 1% payout will continue until full repayment is accomplished. Bonus recipients must remain Active in the PRC Compensation Plan to receive the monthly payout.




Please Note:

All IAMs and NADs must watch the Founder’s ‘Will You Join Me?’ video…

Paid for by Primary The Ruling Class PAC.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee