Donations and Membership


A New Members Kit or a Grow the Movement Package is required to receive fundraising compensation as an Independent Affiliate of Primary The Ruling Class. Monthly donations (subscriptions) or one-time donations can be made without participating in the Compensation Plan and are greatly appreciated. See the Membership Information below for more detail.

The Grow the Movement Package is the preferred way to become an Independent Affiliate Member of Primary the Ruling Class.

The New Members Kit (included in the Grow the Movement Package) is a required purchase for everyone that wishes to participate in the Compensation Plan. It includes a Primary the Ruling Class polo shirt with embroidered logo, Leave Behind Cards, a Yard Sign, and a copy of the bestselling book, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy. It also includes a subscription to the StressFreeBill newsletter.

Three Ways to Participate

Participants in the Primary the Ruling Class Movement may participate in any of three ways:

An Independent Affiliate Member (IAM) operates as a consultant to the committee and has the opportunity to participate in the Compensation Plan and receive financial rewards for their fundraising and teambuilding efforts.

Become a Non-Affiliated Donor (NAD) by donating money and/or time to the committee. NADs are not eligible to receive any compensation other than our sincere gratitude. To make a donation, go HERE. To learn more about volunteering, go HERE.

Do Your Part – Join the Movement

Drain the Swamp

Please be aware that the IRS considers all purchases and contributions to be non-tax-deductible political donations.

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