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The hosting and maintenance of this website and require a tremendous amount of time and resources. In addition, the requirements of building a nationwide movement are large. We have over one-hundred projects that are awaiting funding, and a few larger ones that will each require a patron. If you potentially have interest in collaborating on a project, Contact Us to discuss the possibilities and support the cause.

Even small donations are greatly appreciated, but your efforts to recruit and inform others are just as important. There are tens of thousands that already understand the Ruling Class culture that is strangling the democratic process in our country, but there are millions more that feel something is wrong but haven’t quite figured out what it is – or how to stop it.

StressFreeBill is on a mission. Like thousands of others, I am dedicating myself to spreading the word. We must inform people of how critical the Primary Elections are. We need to help everyone understand that each of us can affect those elections nationwide – whether we live in that state or not. And then we need to support the non-Ruling Class candidates in the General Elections.

Donate to Primary Candidates Nationwide...

Even if it is only a $10 donation, you can make a huge difference. Use this website to learn who, how, and when to donate. For the full strategy, go HERE.

and/or Donate on This Page to Support the Cause...

In addition to the daily overhead of maintaining and hosting websites, salaries, and travelling to events, there are advertising costs and special projects. Every contribution, large and small, is appreciated.

and/or Donate Your Time by Recruiting Others to the Movement...

Do your part and spread the word...

Use the materials available on this site; use the Leave Behind cards, hand out brochures, mail a few postcards, put a sign in your yard… direct everyone you can to this website ( as well as

And then ask others to do the same…

The self-appointed Ruling Class have developed a culture that preaches it is ok to ignore the Will of the People. These elitists have permeated the media, academia, the bureaucratic Deep-State, and elected offices. They believe their global vision more important than America itself. 

We can stop them. We will stop them. The Shot Heard Around the World in this battle will be our successful efforts to Primary the Ruling Class.

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