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Primary Election for nomination (historically): June 2017

General Election for US Senate: November 6, 2018

Danny Tarkanian is not a professional politician.  He is a businessman, attorney, and coach. In the opinion of StressFreeBill, Danny Tarkanian is a We the People champion that can help President Trump pass his ‘America First’ agenda.

He publicly supports President Trump on issues such as building the wall and vigorous vetting of all refugees and immigrants. He has publicly declared to support the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda.

Danny Tarkanian has never held public office but has run five times. The last was a narrow 1-point defeat to the current democrat congresswoman, Jacky Rosen. He is a former Tea Party candidate and enjoys the current endorsement of Sarah Palin.

Danny Tarkanian:

  • Supports the Second Amendment.
  • Opposes corporate welfare and crony capitalism.
  • Supports building the wall.
  • Believes ‘All Lives Matter.’
  • Wants to repeal Obamacare.
  • Believes education should be a local (not Federal) issue.
  • Is against taxpayer funding of abortion (Planned Parenthood).

Most Importantly, Danny Tarkanian Will Support President Trump and Help ‘Drain the Swamp’ – the #1 Most Important Challenge Facing Our Country Today

Danny Tarkanian needs to defeat Dean Heller in the Nevada Republican Primary Election to then win the General Election and become the next US Senator Representing the State of Nevada.

The GOP Establishment polling shows this as a close race. Mitch McConnell’s Republican Establishment will shower massive amounts of money into Dean Heller’s election. Danny Tarkanian does not have the same financial resources, yet historically has done well in fund raising.

We want to support the Republican challenger for this nomination, Danny Tarkanian. The Nevada Primary Election will most probably be held in June 2018.

To learn more about Danny Tarkanian, go HERE.

For information on how to vote and support Danny Tarkanian’s campaign, go HERE.

To donate to his campaign, go HERE.

Don’t live in Nevada and/or don’t have much to donate? That’s ok… read these strategies on how you can make a difference.

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