Google Play publishing challenge

Dear Sirs,

I am very appreciative of you efforts to help us get our App published on Google Play under the correct App name (see iBuild Customer Support request ID# #210535), however, as you can see in the below screenshots, a problem remains…

In the Google Play store the app is now listed under the correct name (PRC PAC). In addition the Google Play search function locates it and the correct app name is now also displayed on the Google Play App Detail page.

However, once the app is downloaded onto a smart phone, the incorrect name appears with the app icon (my name; William Luznicky).

Obviously, this still creates a security problem for myself and I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me to resolve this problem asap.

Thank you,

William (Bill) Luznicky

When searching on Google Play the app appears with the correct name.

After clicking on the app icon, the Detail/Installation page appears – again the app is correctly listed…

Once installed, however, the incorrect name reappears with the icon.

This should also read PRC PAC, not William Luznicky.

Thank you for your help.