Project 100

PRC Emergency Membership Drive

We knew what to expect from the leftist Democrats, but the 2020 election fiasco could not have happened without some establishment Ruling Class Republicans aiding and abetting and a whole lot more choosing to look the other way…

If you are a current member of PRC we thank you for your support and encourage you to expose 3 people to our website homepage immediately – we need 100 new people seeing our homepage over the next 100 days. The 2022 campaign starts now and we cannot afford to waste another day. Millions of Americans are ready to take action – they just don’t know how to direct their efforts. Our homepage tells them everything they need to know about us – they just need to see it!

This is what I would ask every member to do…

  • Think of an individual who is (or, might be) like-minded politically.
  • Call them/talk to them (or, at least, personally message them) and let them know you have joined a grassroots political organization that you believe is important for our country. Tell them what you like about PRC* and what you love about PRC. **
  • Ask them if they would look at the one-page website if you sent them the link?
  • Send them the link and continue following up until they have seen the homepage.
  • Ask them ‘What they liked best?’ and invite them to take action (from the menu they can either join us or click ‘Questions’ to contact us.
  • Repeat this process until at least three new people have looked at our website!

Please have a sense of urgency about this – our time is now and our country needs us.


If we save the GOP, we save our elections.

If we save the GOP, we save America.


William Luznicky


Primary the Ruling Class (PRC)

* What you like about PRC should be a feature (encrypted chat, Deep Dive Political Research Archives, Newsfeed, Newsletter, Podcast, etc.)

** What you love about PRC should be regarding making a difference for our country