You Are Being Asked to Run for Congress

To: You

From: A fellow citizen

We are dead serious about this. Our country desperately needs good people like you in office. If not the US Congress, then run for a US Senate, Governorship, or Statehouse seat. We don’t care if you have political experience – too many professional politicians simply ‘play the game’ and We the People pay the price. The 2022 elections are just around the corner and now is the time to get serious. There is a huge reformation of the Republican party happening right now and we want you to be a part of it.

If you are a person of character that is willing to put America first, if you are willing to stand up for American Exceptionalism and denounce the socialistic ideas of Globalism, if you are of reasonable intelligence and willing to defend the US Constitution and the American people from the tyranny of foreign countries and multinational corporations then we need you to hold public office.

You may be able to conjure multiple reasons not to run – only you can judge their validity – but we can give you two great reasons you should run…

You love America

It is your duty (you are being called to do your part)

We are asking you to sacrifice for public service. Give of yourself for a term or two in office and then retire back to your previous career with gratitude and honor. Even if you do not win the election your campaign can change the dialogue of the entire election cycle – and do not discount the appetite of the American people to ditch establishment incumbents and elect real representation.

If for any reason you decline this call to duty, then we beseech you not to impede the search. You are implored to think of three of the most capable patriotic Americans you know and personally ask them to run for office. We encourage you to pass this letter on to them as well. The election of 2022 must be the turning point for America and that can only happen if the Republican Primaries for 2022 include the largest slate of America first candidates (and the largest turnout) the country has ever known.

Also, please understand that if you have received this letter it is because someone (probably a lot of people) believe in you. It is a sincere compliment. Please honor that faith in you by either running for office or approaching three others to do so. We are all in this together and in this we are counting on you.

Remember, if we save the GOP we save America.

Please Note: Primary the Ruling Class (PRC) is a grassroots movement and is registered with the Federal Elections Commission as PRC PAC. This article is being hosted on our website out of civic duty but should not be misconstrued as a promise, suggestion or even hint of agreement, desire, or inclination to provide campaign funding. PRC PAC is an Independent Expenditures Committee and is prohibited from coordinating with any candidate or candidate’s committee.