PRC Membership Training

PRC Member Training should always begin with the Tuesday evening ‘PRC Member Orientation & Training Webinar.’ These pages are not intended to replace that training, but to supplement it. Members are encouraged to attend this webinar weekly (or, at least, to get multiple trainings under their belt). A one-time preregistration is required to access all Tuesday Orientation & Training Webinars. Preregistration and webinar information can be found HERE.  

This is basic training and designed to be short, easy, and fun. It should not be confused with PRC’s Advanced Leadership Training (reserved for Group Leaders).

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The Recruiting Process

What to Say

What to Do After Your Prospect Joins

Upgrading & the Benefits of Being a Group Leader

Why Fundraising & Recruiting are Important

The Recruiting Process

This is a simple process. Invite people to the Thursday evening ‘Introduction to the PRC Movement’ webinar, follow-up and sign them up, get them on the Tuesday evening ‘PRC Orientation & Training’ webinar, and finally, cheer them on!

Some thoughts on each step:

  • Step #1 Invite people to the Thursday evening ‘Introduction to the PRC Movement’ webinar
    • Identify people who are politically like minded and extend them an invitation. Don’t try to sell them or convince them; just invite. Besides the people you already know, a great way to find like minded people is to Share the PRC Newsfeed articles (they can be accessed through this website or the PRC PAC phone app) or to Share the articles posted on the PRC Facebook page. When someone likes or shares one of the articles, invite them!
  • Step #2 Follow-up and sign them up
    • This is easy and most of your follow-up is in making sure they actually watch the webinar. The next Topic (What to Say) will give you simple verbiage to use. Don’t make the mistake of saying too much; we’re simply sifting and sorting to find the right people – let the webinar do the ‘selling.’ Once they’ve seen it, it is important to follow-up and personally invite them to join. Nothing can replace that personal touch!
  • Step #3 Get them on the Tuesday evening ‘PRC Orientation & Training’ webinar
    • Once they’ve joined us this part will be fairly easy… but remember,people are busy and you may have to remind them several times. This is a critically important step to grow our grassroots movement.
  • Step #4 Cheer Them On!
    • Have fun! Whether you just signed up a new friend or an old friend it’s always great to share stories, challenge each other, or just give encouragement. The political times we live in are precarious and it is important for all good Americans to band together.

What to Say

Perhaps the most important part of the recruiting process is what not to say. Most of us want to say too much and actually talk people out of watching or joining. Let the webinar, newsfeed, website, etc. do most of your talking for you. Once your prospect has seen the webinar, feel free to tell him or her why you joined – why is PRC important to you? This is always powerful and persuasive, but remember… at the end of the day the right people will want to join and the wrong people won’t. If someone who has watched the webinar just won’t pull the trigger to sign-up, ask them to come in at the Free level… if they won’t even do that – NEXT!

Below are some screenshots of a typical recruiting process. This happens to be a Facebook Messenger conversation with a stranger that ‘Liked’ a few of our posts – but the same verbiage/process could be used for anyone… 

I typically invite people to the Thursday evening webinar on Wednesday and Thursday – this tends to increase the show-up rate. 

The preregistration link for the Thursday webinar changes every week and can be found on the Calendar in the PRC phone app or by clicking on the preregistration link in THIS article (simply copy and past the URL from the preregistration page).

In the next screenshot you can see that the prospect missed the first webinar so is being invited again. A new (and different) preregistration link is provided to him.

Unfortunately, this prospect preregistered, but again failed to attend the webinar. Rather than schedule him for another live webinar (and instead of answering his questions about our organization), we decided to offer him a chance to view the recorded ‘on demand’ version of the webinar (see the next screenshot).

Please note: this recorded on-demand version is only available Friday through Sunday. Prospects can register when they log on to watch, but (as you can see in the next screenshot) you will have to provide them with a new link. This link is available from the same webpage as the preregistration link.

As you can see from the next two screenshots, he really liked the webinar. Please notice the day/time stamps… From the time he missed the second webinar through sign-up we were in communication every day. This is critical because out-of-sight equals out-of-mind !!!

Please note: The sign-up link never changes. You can copy and paste:

Of course you do not have to use the same exact wording as we did, but you are welcome to. Believe it or not, most of the words we use are chosen for a reason and it is not unusual for a person to inadvertently change the effectiveness by using their own words. If you find yourself struggling to have success, you might want to consider simply copy-n-pasting ours.

What to Do After Your Prospect Joins