The Primary the Ruling Class Grassroots Movement

Political Activism. PRC members have been instrumental in school board curriculum reform, election integrity efforts and lawsuits, GOP precinct elections and volunteering, voter canvasing, and community organizing, as well as other forms of political activism including phone bank and door to door electioneering.

Educate the American people on who the enemy really is. PRC members have sponsored national conferences, given radio interviews, manned booths, attended and spoken at rallies, interviewed candidates, and maintained an extensive network of social media, newsletter, and podcast platforms all for the purpose of getting the word out.

Too many people are oblivious to the corruption that afflicts much of the leadership in both parties. For others, this corruption has led to public disillusionment and the massive growth of Independent Party registrations. We believe in supporting the Republican Party, but too many Republican politicians are more beholden to their donors, Beltway peers, and the professional political class than they are the American people who elected them. We know the strongest way to support the Republican party is to reform it. Most Americans are somewhat conservative in their politics and would be attracted to a party that has rid itself of Ruling Class Establishment RINO leadership. We must stop letting corrupt politicians hide and lie just because they have an ‘R’ behind their name. The real enemy to conservatives is Globalism – multinational corporations and foreign countries using their massive wealth to spread anti-American influence by buying and/or extorting politicians, civil servants, judges, universities, celebrities, and more. You cannot defeat an enemy unless you can name them. Globalism is the enemy. Learn More