PRC PAC Was Ahead of Rush Limbaugh by Two Years – Now, He’s On Board

The Primary the Ruling Class movement (PRC PAC) was ahead of Rush Limbaugh by two years when it comes to understanding and articulating the globalist anti-American nature of the Ruling Class culture that dominates both the Democrat and Republican leadership in Congress (as well as our media, Deep State, judiciary, intelligentsia, CEOs of multinational companies, etc.).

The reality is that the war being fought in Washington DC is not between Republicans and Democrats, but rather between the globalist Ruling Class and the America First majority

In Rush’s August 15, 2019 radio broadcast, he devoted extensive time to the issue stating, “I’ve had my eyes opened.” After reading an article by John Fonte at the American Greatness website, he stated, “…when I was reading this piece, it caused a bunch of lights to go off.” He goes on to quote the article extensively.

The transcript of this portion of Rush Limbaugh’s radio broadcast can be found HERE.

This is in no way a criticism of Rush Limbaugh; we hold him in great esteem. Many conservative pundits, news anchors, politicians and hosts have been ‘Too close to the trees to see the forest,’ so to speak. But a new renaissance of understanding is happening: names such as David Webb, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Andrew Wilcow, Steve Hilton, Dan Bongino, Sean Hannity and others are now beginning to openly talk about (by one name or another) the Ruling Class…

“The forces promoting global governance… (are) bipartisan, in terms of both ideas and institutions.” I think they’re power mad. I think they’re evil, power mad people. And they have no intention of creating a utopia.

Two years ago, the book, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy was published. It quickly rose to #1 on the Amazon Bestseller list (in the political category of Globalization). From there, the Primary the Ruling Class movement was formed, and a Political Action Committee was founded (PRC PAC).

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We recognize that a Ruling Class culture has formed in America and that its priorities place global concerns ahead of American concerns. In other words, it is the antitheses of America First.

The following quotes and commentary parallel exactly with the book we were founded upon…

“A top executive at Colgate-Palmolive declared, ‘There is no mindset that puts this country (the United States) first.’ …Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland was told by a U.S.-based CEO of one of the world’s largest hedge funds that he was not concerned about the ‘hollowing out of the American middle class.'”

In order for the Ruling Class to fulfill their vision of a new world order, the sovereignty of the United States must be denuded…

…for the objectives of these people to succeed, the United States has to lose in a zero-sum game. And how do you take the wealth from the United States? Well, you take economic power away from the American middle class… you raise their taxes or you slow down their economy, and you tell them that America’s best days are behind them. You do what Obama did for eight years.

You also redistribute the wealth of our country to other less developed countries. In other words, you create global socialism.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland was also told by a U.S.-based CEO of one of the world’s largest hedge funds that “if the global economy ‘lifts four people in China and India’ into the middle class and meanwhile ‘one American drops out of the middle class, that’s not such a bad trade.’”

Another method the Ruling Class uses to subvert our culture, our values, and our morals is through mass immigration (both legal and illegal) …

If you want to get rid of national borders and if you want to get rid of national sovereignty, what’s one of the fastest ways to do it? Flood nation states with people from outside! Do it with open-borders immigration and the welfare state necessary to keep them there.

When Barrack Obama was running for President he famously said, “I want to fundamentally transform the United States.” This is what he meant. He was openly embracing the globalist vision of the multinational corporations and the billionaires and CEOs that own and run them.

“Significantly, there is a strong American presence in the forces of global governance: major foundations (Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc.), the American academic world; the American Bar Association which openly advocates the ‘global rule of law’; and, of course, among leading American global corporations. Indeed, the vice president of Coca-Cola remarked, ‘We are not an American company.’”

We highly doubt that George Soros, the Koch brothers, or the management of Google, Facebook, and Twitter feel any different. We label all of these people as Ruling Class Oligarchs. And, to be clear, it is not their money or power that makes them so; it is their belief that America should not come first, that we should be under a global world-authority.

We came dangerously close to losing everything. If President Trump had not been elected, the Ruling Class would have consolidated their power and subjugated the United States under the rule of global organizations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank; they would have made us answerable to the judges of the World Court in the Hague, the International Criminal Court, and the European Court of Human Rights.

The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement), the Paris Climate Accords, and the JCPOA (Iran Nuclear Deal) would all but have insured this.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected they would have pulled this off.

We are in a war. As hard as it is for the good people of the United States to get our heads wrapped around it, our very freedom is at stake. The biggest challenge we face is that it is so hard to accept that there are people (Americans) that don’t believe America should come first.

We cannot win the war if we cannot name our enemy

We have to accept that:

  • There are a number of people in our country that hate America
  • There are a number of successful Americans that believe America is illegitimate; that we have no right to lead the world
  • Many of our politicians, academicians, and corporate and financial leaders give a higher allegiance to a New World Order than they do America
  • The mainstream media is totally sold-out to the Ruling Class

PRC PAC is dedicated to educating America about the Ruling Class. We will identify Ruling Class politicians and expose them. We will focus on the Republican Party and using the Primary Elections to replace Ruling Class officeholders with America First candidates…

We believe if we save the GOP, we save America…

We need your help. We are a grassroots organization. We are a pro-Trump, anti-RINO, America First movement operating as a Political Union. There are several levels of membership and support – we hope you will stand with us to protect our freedoms. To learn more, request a no-obligation Membership Packet.

Your country needs you. Remember, our cause is just and your children are worth it…