Exciting Enhancements to Primary the Ruling Class

Exciting Enhancements to Primary the Ruling Class

Scroll down for great enhancements of the membership program, as well as new membership aids. Also, a Women’s Merchandise section has been added to PRC Coffee Company. We encourage everyone to take a moment to read this!

We also encourage everyone to check out our new Sign-up page.


The dues requirement for Eagle and Lifetime memberships have been altered. We have many members that would like to contribute at a higher level than Minuteman but have been dissuaded by the size of the financial jump. Therefore, we have issued the following:

Eagle Member monthly dues are now $97 (with no sign-up fee). Or, $1,075 annually (save $90).

Lifetime membership is still a one-time fee of $2,999. Or, it can be split into two annual payments of $1,776.


All new members who upgrade to the Eagle (annual) or Lifetime membership level (either option) within 90 days of joining will receive full credit for any annual dues paid.

Free Gifts

  • 4 assorted bags of coffee from PRC Coffee Company
  • The book that started the movement – It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy
  • 2 assorted colors PRC Coffee Mugs
  • 1 high-quality PRC Travel Mug
  • 1 PRC hat (not pictured)

When Members Signup or Upgrade to the Eagle or Lifetime Membership Level They Receive These Free Gifts.

Please note the I.R.S. considers your dues as non-tax-deductible donations and these products are gifts, not purchases. All gifts will typically be shipped expeditiously after commencement of membership, the exception being members joining at the Eagle Level with the monthly dues option. Because the value of the gifts far exceeds the amount of the monthly dues, some gifts will be delayed. If, after 90 days of active membership, you still have not received gifts you are expecting please do not hesitate to remind us. Also, please be aware all gifts are subject to availability.

New Membership Aids

Thanks to you spreading the word, we are growing fast. By sending people to our website, sharing our newsfeed/newsletter/podcast. or inviting people to a rally you are aiding in the effort. We are now offering you tools that can make this process much easier and give you instant credibility. These tools, and many more, can be viewed at the PRC Store.

Leave Behind Card

This high-quality 18pt. stock business card-sized handout reeks of professionalism. The backside is blank for you to write your contact info on. Use another to record their info!

PRC Vinyl Banner

This 6′ x 2.5′ banner is perfect to display at events, shows, or as a backdrop for photos or video.

PRC Clear Sticker

This 6″ x 4″ clear vinyl Sticker is perfect for a car window, storefront, or anywhere you want to display our logo and website!