PRC PAC The Primary the Ruling Class Political Action Committee Defeat Globalist Ruling Class Establishment Republicans in Primary Elections all across the country.┬áThe Ruling Class Republican Establishment hand-picks fellow RINOs and promotes them as conservatives in Republican Primary Elections. Because so few Americans vote in the Primaries, these are relatively inexpensive elections and the establishment … Read more


The Primary the Ruling Class Grassroots Movement Political Activism. PRC members have been instrumental in school board curriculum reform, election integrity efforts and lawsuits, GOP precinct elections and volunteering, voter canvasing, and community organizing, as well as other forms of political activism including phone bank and door to door electioneering. Educate the American people on … Read more

#184 – A Hard Pill to Swallow

We will always stand up for the United States. We are patriots. We believe in American exceptionalism, but… what if some of the criticism of allies and enemies alike are based on truth? What if our country’s powers have been usurped for evil? If true, it is up to us to police ourselves. Hosted by … Read more

#183 – The Questions We Should All Be Asking

There are a lot of really inconvenient questions people are starting to ask. For example, why are Lindsay Graham, Tom Cotton, and George Soros all on the same side – all opposing Russia? Did Putin really start this? More inconvenient questions and some absolute truths are dropped in this episode. Hosted by Todd Workman and … Read more

#181 – Primary Season Is Here!

Primary Season is here – pay attention to the primaries! The 2020 midterm elections are critically important to our future. The Ruling Class uses the primary elections to sabotage the Republican party. They show up en masse and vote-in liberal/globalist/weak candidates for the Republican nomination. So, when the general election comes around, it doesn’t make … Read more

#180 – I cry For My Country

The deconstruction of a great nation is hard to watch. The purposeful destruction of the values, morals, integrity, and laws that so many of us spilled blood to build and protect is almost unbearable to behold. The results of our inattentiveness are catastrophic, yet… there is reason to hope. There is reason to rejoice. America … Read more

#178 – We Have the Globalist Ruling Class On the Run

The globalist Ruling Class factions are splintering. The UK and other countries are being forced to end their pandemic emergency powers, China’s real estate industry has collapsed, and truckers in Canada are amassing one of the largest anti-vaccine-mandate protests in history. Here at home, Ruling Class politicians are resigning/retiring in droves, judges are starting to … Read more

#177 – Incrementalism Will Not Work

America cannot be restored incrementally. When you compromise with the devil you become somewhat sinful. When we compromise with socialism and communism we incrementally become more authoritarian. We cannot compromise with communism and expect a return to freedom. We need bold new reforms in our country. Reforms that reject Federal power in favor of State’s … Read more