Are We Being Lied to About Why Putin Is Invading Ukraine?

Are We Being Lied to About Why Putin Is Invading Ukraine?

Why would Vladimir Putin ensnarl his country in what could easily turn into another never-ending unwinnable Afghanistan occupation? Could the reason for this attack really be as simplistic as what the Biden Administration and corporate media want us to believe? Could it purely be that Putin is a bully and wants the oil and simply has ambitions of recreating the old Soviet Empire? In other words, Putin Bad and bad men do bad things?


Our analysis suggests otherwise. This feels eerily similar to the Orange Man Bad trope the corporate media foisted upon the American public for the duration of the Trump Administration. This is not to say Putin is not a vicious thug, but we are wary of accepting the self-serving proclamations of our media and government. We are the Primary the Ruling Class grassroots movement. Along with our political action committee (PRC PAC) we are dedicated to reforming the Republican Party by using the Primary Elections to replace RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who put the ideology of Globalism ahead of America First. We use a very objective standard; we believe that behavior never lies… and when we scrutinize the behavior of the obvious and not so obvious players in these Ukrainian events, we see a different picture altogether.


Because we focus on Globalist politicians and players in the United States, we inevitably observe their interactions with foreign interests. We have branded these globalist interests (both foreign and domestic) as the Ruling Class. It would take a book to illiterate all of the tangled relationships and behaviors that lead us to our analysis, but here we will offer a 10,000 ft. altitude view of what we are seeing. We hope the insight will allow you to draw your own conclusions.


We must first understand that Globalism is nothing less than worldwide communism. It is the belief that nation-states should lose absolute sovereignty and be under international control. There are a large number of disparate factions with huge amounts of money that make up the Ruling Class and they are fighting for control of this ultimate global authority. For easy understanding, we should look at the Globalist Ruling Class as a giant crime syndicate. A syndicate made up of many different crime ‘families’ all vying to gain power and/or hold onto what they have. As with all crime syndicates, the differing families may hate each other but still ‘team-up’ occasionally out of mutual interest. They also get into ‘turf wars’ that can get exceedingly violent. We believe this is what is happening in Ukraine.


When the Soviet Union fell, Ruling Class factions worldwide rushed in to claim the pieces. It would be like when a South American drug cartel boss and his lieutenants are all assassinated or arrested… all the other cartels rush in to grab the territories and cash-generating enterprises.


In the mess left after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin eventually clawed his way to the top of the Moscow Mob. This mob holds illegal money-making crime interests not only in Russia but also Ukraine. As a matter of fact, several Ruling Class crime families have illegal money-making crime interests in Ukraine. For our analogy here, we will label these major factions as the Moscow Mob (Putin’s faction), the New York Mob (Clinton/Obama/Biden/Bush/Pelosi/Kerry/McCain/Romney et al.), and the Brussels Mob (European Union). All of these mob families have been making $Billions from the money laundering, extortion, armed conflict, human trafficking, and other illegal schemes perpetrated under the Ukrainian umbrella. All of these mob families are vying for control and are jealously protecting their own interests, but from the time of the Clinton Administration, the New York mob families and the Brussels mob families have been working together to push their way into ever bigger control of the Ukrainian pie.


The New York Mob has wielded the power of the world’s largest economy and the threat of the world’s only remaining military superpower to muscle its way in. The Brussels Mob also carries considerable economic weight and banking control as well as the threat of the NATO military. These efforts to muscle in culminated in the 2004 Orange Revolution (one of the Color Revolutions fomented by US and EU intelligence agencies). This revolution replaced the Ukrainian government with one more favorable to the New York and Brussels Mobs. It is important to note that the new government was not necessarily more favorable to the United States or Europe – this had nothing to do with conflicts between nation-states, only the internecine struggles of this international crime syndicate. In other words, the factions in control of the United States, the European Union, and Russia could care less about their countries or their people… they simply use the power of those nation-states to further their own crime family’s interests.


Did you ever ask yourself why the American Ruling Class was so adamant about framing President Trump as an agent of Russia? His policies on energy independence alone cost Russia trillions of dollars yet he was constantly labeled as soft on Putin? These are very revealing accusations when you understand the big picture. President Trump wasn’t pro-Putin; he was anti New York Mob corruption. He threatened to Drain the Swamp. The New York Mob IS the swamp. By investigating the New York Mob’s connections to Ukraine (think Hunter Biden) he gave an edge to the Moscow Mob in the Ukrainian free-for-all. So, in the eyes of our Ruling Class, Trump was helping Putin (even though his only concern was helping the United States by draining the swamp).


The Ruling Class has no allegiance to God or country. They use nation-states to further their own greedy agendas. This is one reason it is so hard for the American public to understand politics or make sense of a seemingly crazy world.


If we take what we now understand and look at events through Putin’s eyes it now becomes clear, even predictable why Putin would order Russia to move into Ukraine. After suffering a huge setback with the Color Revolution and being systematically bullied further out of the lucrative Ukrainian market by the New York and Brussels crime families, it must have been satisfying watching them squirm under the pressure of the Trump Administration. But, then, to your horror, you watch those same crime families steal an election and move swiftly, dramatically, and unconstitutionally to reassert their control over the United States with seemingly no pushback. With renewed confidence, they have pushed themselves back into Ukrainian criminal enterprises and are even threatening (via NATO) to extend that criminal control into Mother Russia herself. In other words, you (Vladimir Putin) are facing mob family extinction. So, what do you do if you are a crime boss backed into a corner? You fight.


One of the greater global crime families, the ‘Jackals of War’ Mob (International Military Industrial Complex faction) has been pushing the New York and Brussels Mobs to force just such a situation. The Beijing Mob (President Xi’s faction of the CCP) was also anxious to see the New York Mob tie up the United States military in protecting their criminal interests in Ukraine. This would give them cover to pursue their dream of reunifying (invading) Taiwan.


Where the inept Ruling Class miscalculated was in thinking Putin’s reaction would be in the form of a relatively small-scale conventional conflict restricted for the most part to the newly annexed (and Russia speaking) portions of Ukraine. At most, they felt he would openly side with one side of the ongoing decades-long Ukrainian civil war. They did not anticipate he would strike out with massive force and threaten nuclear retaliation to anyone who interferes.


When we start looking at the world through the lens of Ruling Class crime syndicates rather than just nation-states everything starts making more sense… and now that we know how to look at the world three things are certain, 1) Putin is a thug and an all-around bad guy, 2) He never would have invaded Ukraine if President Trump would have remained in office, and 3) It was really our own Globalist Ruling Class invading Putin’s criminal territories that created this mess.