Globalism vs Nationalism

Globalism vs. Nationalism

StressFreeBill grew up in the era of Star Trek. Watching the show it was obvious that their society had advanced far beyond ours. For example, the earth no longer used money and the planet was united under a central government. Indeed, the name United Federation of Planets implied that this government spanned more than just earth.

Those altruistic dreams of a somewhat utopian fictional future inspired more than one generation to dream big about our own destiny – and some of us never stopped. After a long business career, I now write science fiction novels under a different pen name (William Lee Gordon). Like all good writers, I was inspired by events from my past… And that vision of what humanity could achieve has never left me.

Unfortunately, reality seems to follow more along the Star Wars theme. The Evil Empire is, well… evil. The Emperor and his cronies want to control everything and everyone. The heroes are the freedom loving rebels that just want to be left alone with their families to build their future.

StressFreeBill is on record as stating he believes that eventually, Earth will have a global government. It won’t happen tomorrow, but it will some day come about. The issue at stake is what kind of government will it be? If we want the future to be a place where all people benefit from technology, where everyone has high-quality healthcare and education, where every child has the freedom to follow any path and find their own destiny… Then shouldn’t we be applying the forms of government that have proven to take us that direction, rather than trying to emulate the types of government that have led to poverty, despair, enslavement, and misery?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I don’t care if we have a global government; as long as it’s our government.

As evidenced throughout this book, the international push to globalism is very real. But we must understand the means and the motives of that push. Multinational Corporations and the Ruling Class Oligarchs that run many of them wish to develop emerging markets. Like all businesses they want to expand and to do that they need new customers. Many of these potential new markets, however, are found in underdeveloped countries. Countries with massive poverty. The challenge for the multinationals is that an impoverished population cannot afford to purchase televisions, automobiles, smart phones, cable TV subscriptions, and any of another thousand commodities offered in the modern world. Most of these Third World countries, at least the ones that have thrown off the yoke of dictators, communism, and socialism, are progressing and their populations are slowly but surely becoming richer. They are slowly but surely finding a better quality of life and a better standard of living. But it’s not always happening fast enough for CEOs to satisfy shareholder demands for increased profits.

The faster solution of the Ruling Class Globalists is to redistribute the wealth of the planet.

The United States is a rich country and, compared to most of the world, has a rich population. Rather than holding up that example and encouraging the rest of the world to follow the same model, they scheme to take wealth from the American people and redistribute it among poor countries. They do this by taking jobs (traditionally it’s been manufacturing jobs) from America and placing them in those emerging markets. This has multiple benefits for the multinationals; not only can they manufacture their products much less expensively (labor is much cheaper there), but they are in effect taking the US dollars you use to purchase a product and transferring them via wages to the economy of a Third World country. This helps develop that country and enrich the population sufficiently that they can afford to buy products from the multinational. Unfortunately, it takes those dollars out of our economy and reduces growth and promotes stagnation here. The best example of this is NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement). This trade agreement has transformed Mexico’s economy and increased the profits of a lot of large corporations, but devastated America’s middle class.

Based on those profit gorged results from dealing with Mexico, those newly enriched multinationals set their sights on doing what they do best – expanding. Other large corporations have taken notice and want their own multinational opportunity. It has taken years to negotiate with all the individual countries, but in the end, it wasn’t hard to find willing trade partners in the Pacific Rim that would gladly accept a massive transfer of wealth and jobs from the United States. And because they have already seduced a large number of Ruling Class Politicians, the Ruling Class Oligarchy was quite confident in its ability to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). This was a trade agreement between as many as 18 countries that would all but dissolve certain sovereignties held by the United States. Massive amounts of US trade policy would then be controlled by international panels – the globalist dream of breaking down the sovereignty of those pesky nationalist countries (especially the United States) was taking hold.

And then along came President Donald Trump. He declared that the United States would be withdrawing from TPP. As the American economy is the Keystone partner in the agreement (or victim, depending on your point of view) this withdrawal all but assures it will never be ratified. Billions of dollars were spent by international Ruling Class Oligarchs in anticipation of the ratification. They can’t be happy…

I talk more about the effect of Donald Trump winning the election in my book, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants, but to understand the globalist movement we need to realize that this massive transfer of wealth and jobs from the United States has been going on for decades. As frantic as they are to correct the Trump Interruption of this agenda, they will ultimately look at it as only temporary. The Ruling Class Oligarchs were all but certain of ultimate victory and will not let this pause in fulfilling their agenda derail their plans. And while StressFreeBill readily admits that this is of necessity a somewhat oversimplified explanation, it is important that We the People use this pause to assess the situation. The results of this massive move towards globalism are what is important to look at – and the results are that the manufacturing base in America has been gutted. And what was once the healthiest middle class in the world is now enduring the lowest Labor Participation Rate since 1977. And as bad for America as this is, it pales in comparison to what our future holds if we continue down this path…

Manufacturing jobs were the first target of this movement because they traditionally required a less sophisticated and less educated workforce. Today, however, many impoverished countries are educating a significant number of their population in high tech skills; specifically coding and software. Few Americans realize how large the outside world actually is… For example, did you know there are more honor roll students in India than there are students in the United States!

And for the jobs that cannot be exported, many companies are now importing the workers. This is where the infamous H-1B visa comes into play. Although there is some justified need for farmers and companies to import special and specific skill sets, there is no question the Ruling Class Oligarchy has coerced Ruling Class Politicians into allowing massive abuse of this program. Designed to allow the hiring of foreign workers with skills that are simply not available in the American workforce, the H-1B visa program is now being used to replace existing American workers with foreign workers that will willingly work for a much lower salary. This is being done on a massive scale.

Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but our Ruling Class Intelligentsia has been active in promoting non-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) pursuits for American children. Having a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies, Literature, Black History, Journalism, or Social Justice is fine, but it’s not going to get you a high-paying job in the STEM sectors (where all the demand is) – especially if you’re competing with a recent college graduate from India that will work for one-half to two-thirds of what that same company would have to pay you.

Why would our Ruling Class Intelligentsia want to import so much foreign labor? One reason is that it helps break down the culture. The United States is a country of immigrants, and we have taken in moreimmigrants and refugees than any other country in the world. We were once known as the Melting Pot of the world. That was because when people immigrated here, they assimilated. They wanted to be a part of our culture; they wanted their kids to speak English. Why? Because we were the land of opportunity and like all good parents they wanted better for their children than what they had themselves.

This is again a subject that would require another dedicated book to discuss in full, but the current situation our Ruling Classes have maneuvered us into results in preventing assimilation. The term multiculturalism sounds all nice and pretty until you realize it is the opposite of direct assimilation. It also can be at odds with another term – patriotism.

So if we accept the fact that the self-appointed Ruling Classes desire to change the American culture, we have to ask ourselves why…? And what do they want to change it into?

The ‘why?’ is easy; all politics is downstream from culture. In other words, if you want to move the United States into a political system where power is formally consolidated with the elite (like socialism), you must first undermine the traditions of rugged individualism and achievement. You must erode the public’s belief in American Exceptionalismand patriotism. It is far easier to accomplish this with unassimilated immigrants than it is those that were born and raised here. Especially if those numbers include large percentages of poor refugees and illegal immigrants – Remember, these are the groups that receive the redistributed wealth under socialism. In other words, promoting Class Warfare is the fastest way to change our culture into accepting and normalizing socialism.

The ‘what?’ is a little harder to answer… StressFreeBill has not observed a consensus among all the different factions that make up America’s self-appointed Ruling Classes. The Ruling Class Intelligentsia definitely favors socialism, but global socialism is a simply a means to an end for most of the Ruling Class Oligarchy. We have environmentalists that clamor for a global authority with enough power to force everyone to behave in the eco-friendly ways they dictate, but beyond that seem unsophisticated regarding ideology. Others like the Ruling Class Media, I’m sure, will be satisfied with anything as long as they and theirs are still recognized as elite and have protected privilege.

Where all these groups are united is in what they don’t want America to be… They don’t want us to be richer than anyone else. They don’t want us to be powerful. They don’t want us to be independent and they don’t want us to lead. Most of all, they don’t want us to be that Shining City upon a Hill that sets an example for all to follow, and they certainly don’t want us holding out a helping hand saying, “Come on, we’ll show you the way…

These are all aspects of American Nationalism – and to our self-appointed Ruling Classes, all aspects of patriotism and nationalism must be put down, debunked, undermined, and discredited. This is not hyperbole. This is not StressFreeBill on some exaggerated rant. These conclusions are all backed by solid reasoning, sound observations, and valid documentation.

Behavior Never Lies.

Also, we must remember that the Ruling Class Oligarchs are not overly concerned about global government; they are concerned with global economics. As long as they can be among the ruling class of whatever social/governmental system emerges they will be happy. They are supporting global socialism (global redistribution of wealth) not out of any ideology or idea of fairness or concern for the poor, but simply as the fastest means to a united global economy where they can operate without impediment.

We must also understand just how inconvenient it is for the multinationals to have to deal with all those pesky nationalist governments – with all their differing trade rules and currencies and regulations. All those sovereign countries have a nasty habit of putting their own self-interests first… And that’s just not conducive to global free-trade.

Again, in my book, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants, we discuss further how incredibly easy it’s been for the Ruling Class Oligarchy to corrupt, recruit, and seduce Ruling Class Politicians to this globalist open borders mindset. Indeed, in many cases, they have found willing accomplices and with the Ruling Class Intelligentsia they have discovered an anti-American pathos that has been easy to tie into.

When it comes to Globalism vs Nationalism, however, we have to realize that the driving forces behind globalism have nothing to do with the idealism of Star Trek. At least not on the level of the movers and shakers. StressFreeBill has made it very clear that one axiom he believes in is that Behavior Never Lies. Here’s another, Always Follow the Money. And as this website documents, there are trillions of dollars at stake with the globalist agenda…