The PRC Daily News Feed & App

The PRC Daily News Feed & App


Avoid censorship and bypass the slanted media bias by following the PRC Daily News Feed where we give you articles from a wide range of sources covering important and many times unreported current events. Most importantly, each article comes with a short commentary explaining the significance and/or shredding the spin being put on events.

The feed for the PRC weekly podcast will also be available through this app.

These are the simple steps to follow to set up your news feed:

1) Go to your app store and download “Newsletter Magnet” See ABOVE Logo (Google Play for Android apps; The Apple Store for Apple apps)

2) Sign in to your Newsletter Magnet app with your Apple, Facebook, Twitter, or Google credentials… OR “Continue without an account”

3) Click “Subscriptions” at the bottom, click “+ ADD a Subscription” at the top

4) Search “PRC”

5) “Primary the Ruling Class PRC PAC” Will appear, click and then click the blue subscribe button

6) The Podcast, and Daily Newsfeed will show up on the “Feed” tab.

Note: There is also a desktop version of Newsletter Magnet you can download and use.

That’s it! You are now set up to receive the truth no matter how much the powers that be want to keep it from you. Create a habit of checking it daily!