If You Value Our Political Views…

If You Value Our Political Views…

NOTICE: Many of the high-tech platforms do not want you to hear our messages and information regarding events in America (and around the world). These multinational companies that own the traditional media, as well as social media, have teamed up to deny the public the news and information that is inconvenient to the narrative they want you to believe. Almost all of the ‘news’ we receive is slanted and much of it is simply untrue. Knowing who to trust is becoming a very real problem…

And it is only going to get worse.

Primary the Ruling Class (PRC) is a grassroots organization which is dedicated to a) exposing the truth and educating Americans on what is really happening in Washington D.C., and b) reforming the Republican Party by replacing Globalist Ruling Class Republican leadership with true America first patriots.

PRC is being censored and our voice is being muted – and it is getting worse.

Over a year ago we (PRC) introduced a free phone app that serves primarily for communications with our membership and offers free information to the general public. The Google Play Store approved it immediately, but The Apple Store has constantly rejected it and we have been given contradictory and obviously false reasons for the rejections. It is clear they have no intention of platforming an organization that would support an America first cause. Just as obvious, our presence and reach on Facebook has been dramatically throttled (both organizationally and personally) and our ability to advertise was removed altogether.

We will retain a presence on Facebook, but the majority of our content and insights will need to be platformed differently.

It is important to note that PRC does not traffic in conspiracy theories, violence, or working outside the system; we simply publish documented but inconvenient truths about elected officials (from both parties), policy makers, and other individuals and organizations that wield power over the American people. We expose the motivations behind the ‘Great Reset’ (their words) being forced upon us by the oligarchs at Davos and the authoritarian version of Globalism they wish to control us with – and we do it with their own words, their own books, and their own policies. In other words, we bring the truth the media wants to ‘protect you’ from.

When Twitter banned the President of the United States, when YouTube de-platformed hundreds of prominent and respected conservative voices, when Apple removed the #1 app in The Apple Store (Parler) and Amazon kicked them off their servers, it became obvious to even the most skeptical that we are in danger of being treated like mushrooms.

If you do nothing you will be forever separated from the truth – and if you only expose yourself to the biased narrative, eventually your outlook will be swayed…

PRC has invested in infrastructure that can help defeat the censorship. We now have a new free phone app that is somewhat ‘clandestine’ – and it is available to everyone in both The Apple Store and Google Play. This allows our PRC Daily News Feed and weekly podcast to be freely available to anyone without censorship (member and non-member alike) and this is only the beginning. Additionally, among many other benefits, our members now have access to secured private communications and information-sharing capabilities using end to end encryption. We value and respect our member’s privacy.

PRC is growing rapidly and is offering something truly needed – hope… and a legal, ethical, and moral pathway to a better future.

We hope you will go to the revamped PRC website and learn more about us. We encourage you to become a member, but even if you choose to support our country in a different way, you should download the free phone app and plug into our Daily News Feed. Getting the truth out matters.


If we save the GOP, we save our elections.

If we save the GOP, we save America.