The War Within the GOP Explains Everything

The War Within the GOP Explains Everything

The media is trying to play it down and any coverage is just as biased and censored as the last election, but there are titanic battles being fought in an epic war for leadership of the Republican party – and the fate of America hangs in the balance. On one side we have Republicans who place America first, on the other we have RINO Globalists who believe they have earned themselves a position of power after the ‘Great Reset’ (their words, not ours) and, therefore, do not place America first.

The last five years have revealed a plethora of factions that despised President Donald Trump on a historical level.  This is not the normal vitriol we see reserved for a successful political opponent – it obviously goes much deeper than that. From the Democrats to Never Trumpers, from CEOs to foreign leaders, there has been no shortage of hate for this man and the entire media complex has been only too happy to give voice to all of it… but why?

No one ever seriously asks that question… or, if they do, they never give it a serious answer.

Accusations that he lies all the time are seldom specific and when they are the accusations themselves are either outright false or they inevitably involve some utterance or generalization being held to a (double) standard no objective person could take seriously. Accusations that he’s dangerous fall hollow in light of the fact he is the only President in recent history to not get the U.S. involved in a new armed conflict, avoided what many considered an inevitable war with North Korea, and brokered Mideast Peace – not to mention the tremendous boost to national security he created by making the U.S. energy independent from Russia and the Islamic zealots of that same Middle East.

The bulk of the justifications for opposing President Trump are either transparent excuses or propagandized zealotry, but even if all the accusations were true, they wouldn’t account for or justify the extreme, unprecedented, unconstitutional, and blatantly totalitarian tactics that have been deployed to take him down. Consider for a moment:

  • In 2017 and 2018 our intelligence services attempted to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States by framing, prosecuting, and persecuting him as a Russian operative
  • In 2017 and 2018, with few exceptions, Republicans stood silent as this coup was perpetrated
  • In the 2018 midterm elections, the Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, ‘gave away’ the Republican majority in the US House to the Democrats
  • In 2019 Republicans, for the most part, stood silent as a sham impeachment was conducted
  • In 2020 social media platforms censored, throttled, shadow-banned, and cancelled accounts of Americans supporting President Trump (including other candidates and the President himself)
  • In 2020 former US Presidents (of both parties) broke protocol and publicly spoke-out against President Trump
  • In 2020 State-level Republicans allowed election laws to be unconstitutionally altered in battleground states
  • In 2020 key Republicans on both a State and Federal level obstructed any investigation into election results
  • In 2020 ten Republican US Congressmen voted to impeach the outgoing President (unconstitutionally) in the hope he can be prevented from ever running for office again, and five Republican US Senators voted to conduct the trial

In the history of our country, never has a President faced such an onslaught of opposition – never has the opposition gone to such anti-American, seditious, immoral, and unconstitutional lengths to nullify and remove a President…


To understand the truth, we must realize there are three levels of ‘reality’ being advanced.

The first we have already discussed. They are the ‘Orange Man Bad’ zealots who unquestioningly accept the propaganda spewed forth by ‘their side.’ They cannot articulate their hatred and will not think things through to the second level – it is an extremely shallow viewpoint and these are the people that make up the army of the left (be it Antifa, BLM, or people who will vote for anyone with a ‘D’ behind their name).

The group associated with the second level believe they have the inside track on what is really happening. Some of this group get paid enormous salaries as talking heads, media personalities, and political consultants (of both parties). They will publicly tell you Donald Trump isn’t qualified to run the country (let alone the free world). Privately, they will tell you it is a ‘class’ issue – that Donald Trump just doesn’t ‘fit-in’ with the echelon of power-brokers and in-the-know ‘movers and shakers’ and therefore cannot possibly lead us. Consequently, they treat him like the unwanted new member of a very exclusive country club – snide remarks and insults disguised as sophisticated quips. It is important to these people that their peers understand they are only playing the game, they don’t really want to associate with this outsider but, of course, they must keep up appearances. Astonishingly, even many of President Trump’s supporters believe these ‘elitist class’ issues are the real reason behind his vociferous opposition.

Both of these groups, whom we designate the first two levels of thinking (or, the first two levels of reality), are either purposely or unconsciously oblivious to the groups pulling their strings. The groups composing the third level of thinking finance the people and groups of the first two levels and encourage them to follow their own self-interest, knowing it will only further the causes of the puppeteers. This third group represents the real reality – if by reality you mean knowing who is really in control. The Primary the Ruling Class movement (PRC) designates these third level groups as the Ruling Class.

The groups making up the Ruling Class are extremely diversified but they have one common cause that pulls them all together – Globalism.

Globalism is not globalization. Globalism is a type of government. It is an ‘ism’ just like socialism, communism, fascism, and totalitarianism. Globalism is authoritarian – it is not about individual rights; it is about government’s rights. Globalism is incompatible with the Constitution of the United States of America. For Globalism to work, the United States must be subordinate to it – we must relinquish our sovereignty.

Who is pushing Globalism? It is multinational corporations and foreign governments.

The $Billions that have been spent to overthrow the Donald Trump Presidency have nothing to do with him; this is all about his policies of placing America first and reasserting America’s leadership in the world. It is all about removing the Constitutional protections Americans have defending them from government.

There has always been a Ruling Class and there have always been groups that want to rule our country (and therefore, the world), but our unique U.S. political system always kept them in check. The U.S. Constitution always insured The People would have the final say on wielding the reigns of power by electing office holders who will protect our interests… But what happens if we keep electing corrupt and/or weak politicians and the multinational corporations are rich and powerful enough to buy and/or extort a huge number of them? Such is the type of politician that currently makes up the leadership of the Republican party – and we are witnessing the accelerating destruction of our country as a consequence.

The Democrat party is a lost cause, but the beauty of a two-party system is that both parties have to be corrupted to totally lose the country. The leadership of the Republican party is definitely corrupted; they are witting or unwitting pawns of the Ruling Class – too self-absorbed, naïve, or weak to stand up for us… But there are millions of Americans ready to push them aside and take back the reins of power. We must reform the Republican party while we still can. Join the fight to retake the party. Remember…

If we save the GOP, we same our elections.

If we save the GOP, we save America.

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