PRC Announcement

ATTENTION: PRC Members & Friends This article contains important announcements and news We are under attack! I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone that PRC’s mission to expose the Ruling Class and replace them with officeholders who put America first wouldn’t make us very popular with that selfsame Ruling Class. Still, we are relatively … Read more

#141 – The Dragon Awakes

‘The Great Reset’ is about creating a one-world-government. It is about total authoritarian power and the ability to rule people’s lives. To do this, they must break the US Constitution and any bastions of freedom worldwide. It is happening all around us. It is obvious. All pretense has been cast aside. We will stand against … Read more

The PRC Daily News Feed & App

The PRC Daily News Feed & App Avoid censorship and bypass the slanted media bias by following the PRC Daily News Feed where we give you articles from a wide range of sources covering important and many times unreported current events. Most importantly, each article comes with a short commentary explaining the significance and/or shredding … Read more

Merry Christmas

All of us at PRC PAC are proud of our members, our fellow Americans, our country, and our President. We want to wish everyone a… Merry Christmas Take this holiday break from political battles to appreciate your spouse, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your God.  We’ll be here to start the good fight … Read more

The PRC Movement was Born to Help Americans Stand Up to the Ruling Class

Webinar: Introduction to the PRC Movement (every Thursday) 6:00pm Pacific/7:00pm Mountain/8:00pm Central/9:00pm Eastern ~ You must Preregister for each webinar~ This is a short (35 minute) live webinar that introduces our grassroots movement, highlights the projects we support, and explains how to join. NOTE: Registration to the Live Webinar has closed… You may watch the … Read more