#133 – The Incredible Groundswell of Support for America First

The media is desperate to deny the political revival sweeping the country. They employ censorship and Cancel Culture in attempts to beat it back, but it is becoming very obvious… the American people are done with the Ruling Class. Here, we focus on that revival as well as their legislative efforts to stymie us and other tactics used to deceive us. A new member interview also provides great insight.

Hosted by Todd Workman and Bill Luznicky

This is a weekly update for the grassroots Primary the Ruling Class movement (PRC PAC). PRC PAC is dedicated to a year-round effort for exposing establishment (Ruling Class) politicians that do not place the welfare of America and her citizens as a top priority. We are dedicated to legally replacing them with America-First conservatives that value the Rule of Law and the values and principles the United States was founded upon.