#187 – Have We Found Our Boundaries?

What are the boundaries of decadence? Our Ruling Class has become so corrupt and decadent it is impossible to maintain the charade… instead, they have openly doubled down and desperately attempted to convince us they represent the will of the majority. Not only is no one buying it, but the derision this arrogance inspires is … Read more

#184 – A Hard Pill to Swallow

We will always stand up for the United States. We are patriots. We believe in American exceptionalism, but… what if some of the criticism of allies and enemies alike are based on truth? What if our country’s powers have been usurped for evil? If true, it is up to us to police ourselves. Hosted by … Read more

#183 – The Questions We Should All Be Asking

There are a lot of really inconvenient questions people are starting to ask. For example, why are Lindsay Graham, Tom Cotton, and George Soros all on the same side – all opposing Russia? Did Putin really start this? More inconvenient questions and some absolute truths are dropped in this episode. Hosted by Todd Workman and … Read more

#181 – Primary Season Is Here!

Primary Season is here – pay attention to the primaries! The 2020 midterm elections are critically important to our future. The Ruling Class uses the primary elections to sabotage the Republican party. They show up en masse and vote-in liberal/globalist/weak candidates for the Republican nomination. So, when the general election comes around, it doesn’t make … Read more

#180 – I cry For My Country

The deconstruction of a great nation is hard to watch. The purposeful destruction of the values, morals, integrity, and laws that so many of us spilled blood to build and protect is almost unbearable to behold. The results of our inattentiveness are catastrophic, yet… there is reason to hope. There is reason to rejoice. America … Read more