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We are under attack!

I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone that PRC’s mission to expose the Ruling Class and replace them with officeholders who put America first wouldn’t make us very popular with that selfsame Ruling Class. Still, we are relatively small fry compared to Parler (de-platformed by Amazon & Apple), The Gateway Pundit (demonetized by Google), or even an individual like General Michael Flynn (who recently had his personal credit cards revoked by Chase Bank). However, I am proud to say we have become a big enough thorn that they now have us in their crosshairs.

There has never been any question that Facebook restricts our reach or has banned our advertising – a ban that even extended to an unaffiliated coffee company that supports us. Now, however, Big Tech has hit us directly. MailChimp is a large company I personally have a seven-year history with. They integrate well with the websites I use for my personal business including an author’s Fan Site where readers of my science fiction books can opt-in to receive notifications on new book releases, etc. I pay MailChimp license fees to not only keep this database but to allow me to auto-reply to sign-ups, set up automated marketing campaigns, and email appropriate information to various segments of my fan list. When I published my first political book, “It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy” I used this same company to keep a separate list of opt-in fans. These early fans morphed into the now much larger PRC movement and although we long ago moved our PRC Membership database to a far more sophisticated system, we were still using MailChimp for our PRC Welcome letters and the Stop The RINOs weekly newsletter.

I am personally under attack!

Last week, MailChimp arbitrarily and without notice canceled my account. With only a vague accusation of violating their Terms of Service (they refuse to elaborate or state which term was violated), they canceled my account and refused me access to the names and email info of not only PRC but also of my personal science fiction fanbase. The monetary value of that data to an author is almost incalculable. Just as Facebook throttles the reach of our PRC page AND my personal page, MailChimp is stomping on our political voice AND my personal income. I believe their intention is not just to disassociate, but to persecute.

As I said, all PRC data is safe and secure and can be copied from our other databases. We even spend considerable money to back up this data in case of accident (or, persecution). As to the other data… I am working to recover it.

I am not writing this to say, “Woe is me…” Rather, I want to impress upon everyone how far these people will go. They are waging war on the American people, our traditional values, and our civil rights. Their utopia is a globalistic Nany state run by Big Tech and Big Gov’t ‘taking care of us’ by controlling every aspect of our lives – and they will run over anyone who gets in their way.

We will not bow!

I also want you to understand I will not relent – we will not relent. PRC is here to stay and will continue to fulfill our mission to our last breath. I know I speak for many of our leaders when I say we feel as if we’ve been called. We have a duty. We have a purpose. We have a cause – and it is bigger than just ourselves.

PRC has spent significant sums to prepare for exactly this type of backlash. For security reasons we do not publicize all of these preparations – but you can be assured we are on top of our game and preparing for the significant political fights ahead.

You can help!

These preparations and safeguards are expensive. If you are already a member you could consider upgrading, but more importantly, please reach out to others and invite them to join PRC. Ask them to watch our PRC Introductory Webinar:

Follow up with them and find out what they like best about PRC and then invite them to join.

The time is now and your help is needed.

Thank you,

Bill Luznicky


Primary the Ruling Class