Christmas Dinner 2022

This is the proposed Thanksgiving Dinner Menu. I have assigned responsibilities for certain dishes and I have included a link to the recipe or the store where the item can be purchased. PLEASE let me know immediately if you have questions, challenges, or will not be attending.

I am planning for:

  • Consuelo
  • Bill
  • Cristobalito
    • Sofia
    • Stella
  • Pau
  • Armando 
    • Sarah
    • Camila
  • Cristobal
  • Irene
  • Maria Elena
  • Brad
2022 Family Thanksgiving Dinner
Spiral Ham8-10 lbsCurrently $10 off at CostcoElana & Brad
Leg of Lamb Roast6 lbsBill & Consuelo
(2) GravyDbl batchElana & Brad
(2) StuffingDbl batchBill & Consuelo
(2) Baked Potatoe Au GratinDbl batchCristobal & Irene
(2) Creamed CornDbl batch
(2) Classic Deviled EggsDbl batch
(2) Cheesy Mushroom and Broccoli CasseroleDbl batch
Cheesecake Factory Rolls3 PkgsKroger or Wal MartCristobalito
Mixed Green SaladBill & Consuelo
Various Pies2+ piesPau
Vanilla ice creamKroger or Wal MartPau
Ice Tea - Red Diamond w/ Splenda2 galKroger or Wal MartCristobalito
Assorted cheeses & crackersserves 16Cristobal & Irene
Cranberry SauceBill & Consuelo
Kalamara OlivesElana & Brad
Green & Black OlivesBill & Consuelo
BYOB - If you want anything other than Tea to drink (Coke, beer, wine, etc.) please bring it with you…