John James Campaign Ad

It’s Time to Wake Up We have included this because John James is a rising Republican star. In this ad, he call out the Democrat Party and encourages Black Americans to wake-up and realize who really has their backs.

Who We Are

Who We Are Watch this video to discover what kind of person joins PRC PAC – you might discover they are just like you…

Teaser 4

Teaser 4 This two-minute ‘teaser’ video shows an almost totally red US map and explains how an establishment minority controls the country. One of the most popular videos produced by PRC PAC.

The Light and the Dark

The Light and the Dark Many political ads are inefecctive… We think this ad is an exception so we are including it here. Citizens for the Republic published a video ad casting Democrats as a party aligned with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other left-wing activist organizations and campaigns. The group is the late former President … Read more