#178 – We Have the Globalist Ruling Class On the Run

The globalist Ruling Class factions are splintering. The UK and other countries are being forced to end their pandemic emergency powers, China’s real estate industry has collapsed, and truckers in Canada are amassing one of the largest anti-vaccine-mandate protests in history. Here at home, Ruling Class politicians are resigning/retiring in droves, judges are starting to … Read more

#177 – Incrementalism Will Not Work

America cannot be restored incrementally. When you compromise with the devil you become somewhat sinful. When we compromise with socialism and communism we incrementally become more authoritarian. We cannot compromise with communism and expect a return to freedom. We need bold new reforms in our country. Reforms that reject Federal power in favor of State’s … Read more

#176 – Mass Murder and Crimes Against Humanity

Our government knew therapeutics like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were effective in treating Covid-19, yet they purposely and diabolically not only repressed this life-saving information, they actively reduced their availability. There is now evidence Ruling Class government officials like Dr. Tony Fauci were allegedly directing this mass murder – possibly because they created and funded the … Read more

#175 – Are You Ready To Stand Up?

Aaron Rodgers, NFL quarterback and MVP candidate, is vocally standing up against the Authoritarian overreach and public control measures our elite Ruling Class is forcing on us via vaccine and mask mandates using the excuse of Coid as a National Emergency. GOP Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is acting like a professional politician and attempting to … Read more

#173 – Our Ruling Class’ China Connection

It is hard for most Americans to understand why any American would abandon our country, let alone why the wealthy and hugely successful businesses would do so. In this episode, we explain how the Chinese economy is in serious trouble and how its collapse could devastate the Ruling Class… for them, supporting China is self-preservation. … Read more

#172 – Preparing For the Primaries

The biggest elections of our lifetime could very well be the 2022 Primary Elections. We are confident the General election will bring a Red Wave of Republican victories – but, will we be electing America First conservative patriots or RINO Ruling Class Globalist saboteurs? Preparing for the 2022 Primaries is much more than just personally … Read more

#170 – Fraud Proofing Our Elections

We discuss new technologies and efforts which are fraud proofing our elections – or, at least, dramatically reducing the opportunities for fraud… and there is already evidence they are working! We also announce some spectacular collaborations PRC has been able to form and the potential game-changing results for our organization. Lastly, we offer some surprising … Read more