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How Can Primary Ruling Class Politicians All Across the Country

Because most Americans only pay attention to the General Elections, the swamp never gets drained. Ruling Class incumbents or hand-picked establishment challengers are all we have to choose from. When the candidate from both parties is a professional Ruling Class Politician, We the People lose no matter which candidate wins. This can be changed, but it must happen in the Primaries. (Full Explanation)

Most people think they can only affect the elections in their own state or district – This is wrong…

You can only vote for candidates where you live, but you can donate to candidates all across the country.

You can also support independent political action comittees like Primary the Ruling Class Comittee so that we can campaign against Ruling Class politicians nationwide.

And you don’t have to be rich to make a difference. Primary elections cost many times less money and that means even a small donation is many times more powerful. When enough people each decide to do a little, powerful things can happen.

In his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump raised over $239 million from small donations ($200 or less). This set a new record; it was more in small donations than Obama raised in 2012 and it was more than Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders raised… Combined!

We are going to focus on the primary races for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Congress and if you’ve got even $10, you can make a difference – StressFreeBill is going to give you a couple of options that are both extremely effective.

The first thing you want to do is decide whether you would prefer to donate to campaigns directly, or if you would prefer to save time and leverage your efforts by donating to a Super PAC like Primary the Ruling Class Comittee.

By donating and/or becoming an Independent Affiliate of Primary the Ruling Class you support our ability to strategically campaign against Ruling Class incumbents. We constantly research the candidates – we seperate the true anti-Ruling Class candidates from the pretenders. We also stay abreast of everchanging circumstances that give us the greatest chance of victory. In addition, our Independent Affiliate program gives you an opportunity to become a paid fundraiser for the cause.

Of course, regardless of whether you choose to donate to the Primary the Ruling Class Committee or directly to the candidates, we also hope you will consider volunteering for the cause.

If you choose to donate directly to the candidates you will want to research and identify who is running against the Ruling Class Politicians in the next primary election (this website can help you with that). For information on the races for the US Senate, go HERE. For the US House of Representatives, go HERE.

Next, divide up your contribution amongst the GOP Ruling Class’ opponents. This is critical… Whether you are registered as Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or Democrat we must face the reality that a) Democrat primaries are rigged, and b) the Democrat party is imploding (sorry). If you want to be effective in combating the Ruling Class, we all need to focus our concentration on the Republican Party. This is not because you believe the Republican Party is better than the other parties, it is because this is the most effective way to break the back of the Ruling Class culture. Plain and simple – to overcome the Ruling Class you will have to rise above party politics.

For example, if you have budgeted a contribution of $100, instead of sending it to your favorite candidate divide it up into ten $10 contributions to ten different Ruling Class opponents (or, $20 to five, etc.). Do this whether you are their constituent (live in their district) or not. Do this as early in the campaign as possible – Last minute donations are helpful, but early donations are worth twice as much.

In all cases, you will want to challenge others to match your effort. Talk to your friends, use social media, etc. – do this to geometrically increase the power of your donation. Doubling your donation amount makes you a Player. Increasing it by a factor of five makes you a Star. Getting ten people to duplicate your efforts makes you a Superstar and you should be recognized. Share this article on social media and let the world know you are part of the movement to Primary the Ruling Class.


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