Why Should We Believe Government Is Our Friend?


Our Founding Fathers didn’t…

Our country was founded by people fleeing the oppressive governments of Europe (Yes, the Indians were already here, but they didn’t trust big governments either – point made).

Europeans had good reason not to trust government. Up until that time, Kings, Queens, and a few Emperors had mostly run everything. And it had worked out well… if you were the King, Queen, or Emperor (or, of the Ruling Class they established around them). For centuries, there was little chance for the common man to rise through the ranks and improve his or her station in life. StressFreeBill is sure that parents still told their children, “You can grow up to be anything you want – as long as you want to be a farmer” (or whatever trade your father practiced).

You can actually look throughout Asia, South America, Africa, and the rest of the world and find the same thing. But whether spelled out in some complex code of law or it was just a tribal Chieftain threatening to kill you if you didn’t do what you were told; all governments have had one thing in common – absolute control over the masses.

And then, somewhere around the 1770s in the colonies of the New World, a crazy idea started taking hold. An idea that said it’s always been backward – that it should be the people that have absolute control over their government, not the other way around.

StressFreeBill isn’t going to chronicle the entire American Revolution here, but it should not be forgotten that massive amounts of progress have occurred since that concept for government took hold. Technology, Standards of Living, healthcare, reduction of poverty, elimination of illiteracy, increased lifespans – the quality of life itself has gone up for billions of people (both inside and outside of our country) because that concept of government was put into practice.

All of this unparalleled explosion of activity and innovation occurred because government, for the first time in history, was constrained and severely limited in its authority over the masses. And the only authority that could decide how much control the government could have was The People themselves.

And for the first time in history, the entire world benefited – not just the small group in power.

They called the United States Government an experiment, because it had never been done before. And like all good experiments it proved something; it proved that government is the force that holds humanity back from greater things. It proved that government must be constrained. It proved that government controlled by the many was far superior to government controlled by the few.

Of course, there are always those that want to challenge this.

In the two hundred plus years since the United States was founded, many self-appointed intellectual elites (or, power hungry despots – depending on your point of view) have declared that they could do it better. They agree that government must be for The People, but if given the authority they can better manage it for us (I kid you not!) That they and their small group of elitists could run government far better, far more efficiently, and much more fairly (they always throw that in to make it sound better). These intellectual giants have founded governments based on Communism, Fascism, Nazism, and Socialism (among others).

Not only have they never come close to equaling the progress the United States gave humanity, the world has never seen such misery and carnage as what these managers have wrought.

There is a two-word truism or adage that sums this up perfectly…

Power corrupts.

The Founding Fathers, StressFreeBill, and everyone with half a brain realizes that some government is necessary. But it is like the man-eating tiger at the zoo – you take no chances on letting it escape. Government should remain as restricted as possible – it should never be given more authority than what it absolutely needs to maintain society.

It is totally understandable for good men and women to disagree and debate where those limits on government should be, but when StressFreeBill starts hearing Ruling Class Politicians and the Ruling Class Intelligentsia teaching our children that government is their friend… that represents a danger to us all.

All government is evil – it is just a necessary evil.

The Founding Fathers understood this. The United States Constitution and, especially, The Bill of Rights do not discuss the rights of government… they discuss the rights of citizens to be protected from government.

StressFreeBill can sum it up this way…

The Representative Democracy used in the United States is the worst form of government on Earth – except for all the others.

No government is perfect (or even close) but, as long as we restrain and control it, we have the best form in existence. But make no mistake – our government is not our friend. If we become lazy in keeping the cage locked, if we become lulled by the whispers of those that would use its authority to ‘manage’ us… We the People will be devoured.

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