Why Call Them the Ruling Class Media?


You cannot defeat your enemy if you cannot even put a name to them. To have any hope of fighting back against those that want to negate the Will of the People, we must expose them for what they are.

Many people refer to them as the mainstream media, others call them the leftist media or the national media…

We should all start calling them the Ruling Class Media.

Ruling Class Media  noun  / ruː.lɪŋ ˈklæs ˈmid·i·ə/
Media personnel that arrogantly believe ‘the masses’  have ‘no clue’ and it is for our own good that they manipulate us. Their arrogant assumption of intellectual superiority gives them license to eschew traditional journalistic standards. They place their own chase for clicks and ratings ahead of the country and laugh at those that naively think this to be morally wrong.

Branding is how we fight back. 

Does every journalist fit this definition? No, of course not. But if everyone would start referring to the ones that do as the Ruling Class Media, it would immediately disempower their influence over many. Ruling Class conveys arrogance and the desire to control and manipulate – all things that Americans rightfully resent. It would stick because it has become a truism – something that is immediately recognized as truth. StressFreeBill would love to watch George Stephanopoulos or Chuck Todd try to explain that they’re not part of the Ruling Class Media.

Words are important. Wars are won with bullets; culture is won with language.

Branding them is easy; understanding them is harder.

There are (at least) two dynamics at play when it comes to understanding today’s Ruling Class Media. First, most are young and have been indoctrinated by the Ruling Class Intelligentsia. Many in this generation of journalists aren’t bad people, they just literally don’t know any better.

Like attracts like and for decades now we have allowed our best universities to be bastions of the left. No longer institutions where all ideologies are represented, they are churning out generation after generation of graduates that do not believe in Capitalism, competition, or self-reliance and personal responsibility. With a skewed understanding of history, many are taught that America is no better than any other country and we have no right to exert our will on others (to lead). They’re taught that to believe in the goodness of America is morally hypocritical. Concepts of good and evil become relative under this worldview and to hold out America’s history of freedom and achievement as a force for good is considered laughably naive.

If the faculties of Ivy League Universities are heavily populated by the left, their colleges of journalism are even more so. Both before and after graduation these individuals are immersed in the groupthink. It would take an extraordinarily strong-willed individual (and probably a very discreet one) to maintain an independent and open mind against this hourly barrage of single-sided ideology.

This leads to the second dynamic: Censorship and Sensationalism.

News stories that don’t fit their narrative are simply unreported.

When it comes to hyping news that does fit their narrative, StressFreeBill believes most journalists simply kill two birds with one stone by sensationalizing. They get the professional benefit of better ratings and the personal satisfaction of guiding (manipulating) the public to their greater truth

While many in the Ruling Class Media look at We the People as unfairly patriotic and hopelessly naive, they are also enthralled with their own race for personal success.

Sensationalism sells newspapers, so to speak.

And when you’ve been taught that morality is not absolute but relative, why wouldn’t ethics be also?

Their claims to be unbiased are laughable.

Those that quickly rise to the national ranks in journalism (like Ivy Leaguers) are also exposed to the rich and powerful Ruling Class Oligarchs – some of which own the very institutions they work for. These movers and shakers sing an irresistible siren’s song and find an easily moldable audience among the Ruling Class Media. Some speak of being all-inclusive and having a world without borders (while harboring the hidden agenda of desiring a huge influx of new voters for the Democrat party). Others talk about Compassionate Conservatism (while reaping increased profits from the lower wages illegal immigration brings).

Just accept what they tell you at face value and sing the ‘company line’ to watch your personal fortunes soar, or… (else)

If there was ever a group of people to feel sorry for, it would be America’s current cadre of Ruling Class Media.

There are certainly journalists among them that hate America and everything it stands for, and they would love to see us knocked down to everyone else’s level in a global system. But StressFreeBill suspects that most journalists are simply victims – they are the truly naive of our society. They are naive because they have never really been exposed to diverse ways of thinking and they have been humored and manipulated since they were mere children leaving high school.

Whether a person is being manipulated or is the manipulator, it makes no difference. We must stand up to those that would destroy the laws, morals, ethics, and values that made our country great. We must unmask those that would undermine our way of government and way of life. We must name them for what they are: the Ruling Class Media.

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