Ruling Class Politicians

Senator John McCain (R-AZ)

StressFreeBill is not a person that believes all politicians are evil people. Many are hard-working family men and women that began their careers in public service with a desire to serve the greater good. Along the way, however, many get subverted, or indoctrinated, into the Ruling Class culture. This cultural assimilation is most prevalent on a national level but not restricted to it.

Simply put, they lose touch with the basic values of the people that originally voted them into office. Somewhere along the way believing in things became less important than knowing the right people. The more cynical among us might say that a politician would never have been successful if his or her heart hadn’t always been dark, but I prefer to believe this is not true – at least not for everyone. I also prefer to believe that not everyone is corrupted by holding national public office, but evidence and observation show that sadly many are.

The problem is the very fact that holding political office has become a profession. Public Service was supposed to be just that – a service. Being elected a representative of the people was an honor and a duty… Not career advancement.

I prefer to deal with reality, however, so let’s talk about the way things are

Ruling Class Politicians are those with a higher priority than serving their constituents.

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC)

Their priority is to serve the people that can get them re-elected. And more often than not, those people are the Ruling Class Oligarchy, the Ruling Class Media, and the Ruling Class Intelligentsia.

It is a sad fact of life in the United States that almost half of eligible people don’t exercise their right to vote. And of those that do, most don’t pay close attention to the issues. They are referred to by various names: low information voters, the masses, denizens of flyover country, etc. Our Founding Fathers called them, We the People. Most in this demographic ‘stick their heads up’ around election time, get a feel for what’s going on, vote, and then go back to what is understandably more important in their lives.

These people are looked at by the Ruling Class Media as easy to manipulate.

Over recent years the Ruling Class Media has demonstrated this ability with ever-increasing success. Think about how they were able to protect President Bill Clinton from acts of perjury and President Barack Obama from scandals at the VA, IRS, ATF, and State Department. This ability to make or break politicians has given them a heady power that has attracted the attention of the Ruling Class Oligarchs. Indeed, as discussed in my book, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants, the largest national media in this country are owned by only about six companies and controlled by only a handful of families. In other articles on this website we will discuss some contributing factors as to how this came about, but for the purposes of understanding Ruling Class Politicians we must accept that, for the most part, this power is very real. Our politicians certainly believe it to be true.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

For my entire lifetime the media has been biased. But what we’re seeing today goes well beyond simple ideology. There is now an elitist arrogance in the media that has allowed it to drop all pretense of fairness. They no longer simply report the news; they shape the news.

While they publicly claim to be unbiased, they don’t really believe it or care. And while they are self admittedly overwhelmingly registered as Democrats, party affiliation is not something they see as particularly important…

They believe they are above politics.

Theirs is a greater truth. They are citizens of the world, and ideas of patriotism and nationalism are at best quaint, but more likely silly and naïve. To the ruling class media, politicians of either party are either insiders that share their lofty views or outsiders that deserve only pro forma respect (and many times not even that).

Again, we’re not talking about a conspiracy… We’re talking about a culture. A culture that is very seductive to politicians that are looking to build a career and provide a better life for themselves and their families. It also doesn’t hurt that they are bubbled into that culture – their workplace, the parties they attend, even the restaurants they frequent are inundated with persons that share that same elitist cultural view. In a perfect world we would only elect representatives with high moral standards, good character, and the strongest strength of will (all of which is necessary to stand up to what they are subjected to). Unfortunately, we don’t tend to be that discerning when casting our votes. Therefore a huge number, probably the majority, of our national politicians are Ruling Class Politicians.

It is so important to understand the incestuous relationship between the Ruling Class Media and our Ruling Class Politicians that StressFreeBill dedicates an entire chapter of his book to giving an actual example of how Ruling Class Politicians give themselves cover from the electorate, and how the Ruling Class Media allows the charade to go unchallenged.

How, you might ask, does StressFreeBill know these things to be true?

It’s a fair question, and here’s a fair answer… These are the things I believe to be true based upon close observation, an extensive and experienced understanding of human nature, and ongoing analysis of behavior. Remember, Behavior Never Lies. Some readers will immediately recognize these words as truth. Either because they’ve already come to these conclusions themselves, or they precipitate an Ah Ha! moment (when suddenly it all makes sense).

I encourage everyone to start closely watching politicians and members of the media with my explanations for behavior in mind. My guess is it won’t take more than a week to start seeing through all the pretenses and subterfuge.

Ruling class politicians must be exposed and opposed… And ultimately voted out of office.

This is where We the People need to be strong. It makes little difference whether your favorite politician is a crook or simply a victim of the system, if their behavior shows them to be a Ruling Class Politician they are leading us to disaster and we can no longer follow them. If the Ruling Class agenda continues unabated more and more of our freedoms will disappear. Surveillance of our private lives will increase, our rights to free speech will decrease, and our abilities to protect ourselves physically and economically will be taken away. The Ruling Class will become ever more firmly entrenched and history shows us where that will lead.

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

Our very freedom is at stake.

As I write this, reports of attempted political assassination fill the news. A crazed lunatic shot a number of people as senators and congressmen were practicing for a charity baseball game. StressFreeBill does not condone this, or any violence, to oppose the ruling class. Two points, however, need to be made…

First, we must realize that revolutions historically occur when the populace feels they no longer have a voice. Frustration grows as control over one’s destiny is taken away. Whether real or imagined, when the people feel unrepresented they lash out.

Secondly, all good people that love and care about the future of our country must avoid this frustration. The Rule of Law is what has allowed this country to be great; it’s what’s allowed us to have our freedoms and lead ourselves and the world to greater prosperity. If we are to save our country we must preserve the Rule of Law. We cannot act outside it. We can and will overcome the insidious attempts of the Ruling Class by working within the framework of our political system. In the end (and ironically), We the People will have proven to be of superior discipline, intellect, and character.

This is how you can fight back:

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