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I’m On a Mission To Get the Word Out

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What do you do if you know something profound about the political world around you, yet nobody else seems to be aware of it? What do you do if everyone you know or see on TV is asking the wrong questions – so, of course, they never get the answers right?

Well, you either have to consider that you might have become a paranoid schizophrenic, or you start testing your observations on others and see if they see the same things you do. And if they do…? If overwhelmingly their response is, “Wow, that’s really right! You need to let people know about this…”

If you are at all patriotic, you set your sights on doing just that. If you are already a Best Selling author, you write a book. And if you want to be effective you make it enjoyable to read.

Make no mistake… while I hope readers find this book entertaining and sometimes humorous, it covers a very serious subject – and all of the observations are documented and factual (references and citations are provided). Without trying to be overly dramatic, our very freedoms are at stake. There is a new self-appointed Ruling Class attempting to take over our government and our culture. We can stand back and watch it happen, or we can expose them and raise our voice against them.

The fight for the future of America is no longer about Republicans vs Democrats or even Liberals vs Conservatives – to win this battle enough Americans will have to rise above party politics to make a difference. This book exposes what is happening and offers simple practical solutions on how to oppose it.

I’m in… How about you?

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Bill is a businessman turned author who wrote the #1 bestselling book, It's Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy. The book turned into the Primary the Ruling Class movement which turned into the Political Action Committee, PRC PAC. Any experienced leader of volunteer political organizations will tell you that the biggest roadblock to growth is their people having enough time to dedicate to the cause. Therefore, building a massive grassroots political movement can take decades. Not believing our country could afford to wait that long, Bill implemented a plan to shorten the growth curve. By adding a published Compensation Plan those timeframes can be collapsed dramatically. Dedicated members of PRC PAC now have a way to financially justify putting in dedicated part-time or even full-time hours into the movement - thus dramatically accelerating the PAC's growth. Bill currently serves as the PAC's Chairman and Treasurer He writes nonfiction under the pen name, StressFreeBill He writes fiction under the pen name, William Lee Gordon


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