30 second Script w/ USP

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30 second Pitch with USP (Unique Selling Proposition)


Create a 30 second pitch that opens the mind.

Create the USP that spurs the exchange of contact information (creates curiosity).

How to Approach Others

You can modify the first sentence of this approach depending on whether you know someone personally or not.


“You look like a sharp guy; maybe you could help me out… Do you mind if I ask you a question? Who do you know that’s fed-up with Ruling Class politicians trying to sabotage President Trump?”*

This is your first hook. If they don’t bite (respond), try one more time…

“You know… those Republican Senators that keep stalling his agenda?”

If they still don’t show any interest or ask you any questions, MOVE ON. If they do engage you in any way, give your USP…

“This time around I’m going to make a difference… A little while ago I was approached by a Political Action Committee that’s got the most effective way to defeat those guys I’ve ever seen. I don’t feel helpless anymore – They’ve given me as much political clout as a ‘Fat Cat’ donor. It’s really unique…

“Anyway, I’m putting the word out… So, who do you know that might want to know about this?”*

They will either say they want to know more or that they don’t know anyone… or, most likely, they will start asking you questions… DO NOT ANSWER THEM! Make an excuse (don’t have time, have an appointment, etc.) and ask them for their email or text number. Once you have it (only after) give them a PRC Leave Behind Card or PRC Brochure. Later the same day, send them a funnel opening presentation. Then, within 24 hours, FOLLOW UP. If they haven’t watched the presentation yet, follow up again 24 hours later (one or two follow-ups are important – unless you know them personally, however, more than that becomes a nuisance).

On your follow up, ask them what they liked best about what they saw? If they liked what they’ve seen, ask them more questions: Did you watch the second video? Have you joined yet…? Encourage them to get involved at some level and offer to introduce them to others in the group (3-way them into someone else).

Once they tell you they will join, offer to register them right on the phone. Also, let them know they’ll be receiving a welcome email with valuable information on it – “Please, take just a minute to look at it!”

We recommend one more follow up call to make sure they’ve reviewed the New Member Instructions. Stay in touch with them until they get their two.

Repeat this process to recruit your second prospect.


If you complete the above steps, chances are very good that you’ve set in motion friendships and relationships that will lead to thousands of people contributing tens of thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of dollars to remove Ruling Class politicians from office… Congratulations! You can, of course, continue recruiting but always know that the Primary the Ruling Class Committee thanks you – and your country thanks you.

*This phrase is critical – it is not ‘Do you know?’ It is ‘Who do you know?’ Much of the phraseology here is important. Examples: ‘…help me out;’ ‘Join’ not ‘sign up.’