Naming the Enemy – It’s Not Just Liberalism


StressFreeBill has for years now been documenting the rise of a new culture within American society. Like any movement there are cultural leaders and cultural followers, true believers and those who ‘believe’ just because everyone they know does and/or it’s all they’ve ever known. And like with any strong belief system, there are the unscrupulous that use these strong passions to manipulate believers to their own purposes. You may use the terms Deep State, Mainstream Media, or Establishment Republicans. You may call Hollywood and much of Academia ‘Leftists’ and lament how high-tech wunderkind entrepreneurs and the Chamber of Commerce have betrayed us… but StressFreeBill sees them all as part of a new Ruling Class Culture that is entitled and arrogant – and one that places its own superiority and vision ahead of the US Constitution and the welfare of our population. To learn more about StressFreeBill’s thorough documentation of this phenomenon read This Article and/or his Bestselling Book, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy.

How To Identify America's Self-Appointed Ruling Class

Life used to be relatively simple. When I was growing up everyone knew that Democrats stood for bigger welfare programs and reduced military spending. Democrats favored labor unions and declared themselves champions of civil liberties and the “workingman.” Republicans were the fiscal conservatives. We wanted a strong military, believed in rugged individualism, big business, and in entrepreneurship… but both parties openly believed in God and patriotically stood for the national anthem.

We had our differences, but at the end of the day we were all Americans first. That was the foundation of our society. It was the bedrock we all believed in starting with the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in the classroom, to the national anthem at the end of the broadcast day for all three of our television channels.

Most people think that we are in a political war of Left vs. Right; We are actually in a cultural war of the Ruling Class vs. We the People.

America was a good place. And we were all privileged and proud to live here…

Today’s world bears little resemblance to that one. The Democrat party is all but unrecognizable compared to what it used to be, and much of the leadership of the Republican Party has repeatedly proven itself untrustworthy – to the extent that no one really knows what they stand for anymore.

Most people think that we are in a political war of Left vs. Right; We are actually in a cultural war of the Ruling Class vs. We the People.

Much of the Democrat party and a big chunk of the Republican party has been coopted/subsumed/overthrown by an alien ideology that I call the Ruling Class Culture. And, because party affiliation is no longer a useful label, we’re going to list the attributes and behavioral traits that make up this self-appointed Ruling Class.

Why are we doing this? Because you cannot defeat an enemy if you cannot name them. And in today’s confusing world where politicians and personalities can lie and distort truth with little or no media correction, we need solid guidelines that allow us to identify this Ruling Class. Our guidelines will be based on behavior, not rhetoric – because behavior never lies. And a careful study of behavior will always expose a person’s fundamental beliefs. We need to be crystal clear in determining whom to follow, and whom to oppose. The stakes are very high.

Please understand that members of this Ruling Class may be true believers or naïve followers, brilliant manipulators or oblivious puppets – it doesn’t make any difference. Whether any given individual is a sincere person or not is irrelevant; they are sincerely wrong. And even though our self-appointed Ruling Class is made up of many (but not all) Democrat and Republican politicians, it goes much further than just the permanent political class. It also encompasses large swaths of entire professions including academia, national media, federal bureaucrats, the donor class… and even those our society gives celebrity status to. Remember this as we list the identifying traits of our self-appointed rulers…

Please note that the list starts with traits traditionally considered liberal and then morphs into behaviors traditionally thought of as in the conservative camp. This demonstrates that the Ruling Class culture crosses party lines. We’ve now had generations reared with a ‘me first’ attitude that undermines noblesse oblige.

How to Identify the Ruling Class:

Identifying Behavioral Trait #1

Winning the game is more important than the truth. You see this blatant behavior with politicians as well as the media. It stands to reason that many college professors, bureaucrats, and others also practice this deception. Politicians on Capitol Hill will shamelessly say one thing and then (with self-righteous indignation and knowing that 99% of the public won’t remember) say exactly the opposite just months or weeks later. It becomes especially hypocritical when they start arbitrarily accusing their opponents of a ‘heinous act’ they themselves are actually guilty of. Chuck Schumer doesn’t really believe the recent tax cuts ‘stuck it to the middle class’ or that securing our borders is racist; he’s just posturing for his base – and America be damned. The media will shamelessly cover this outrageous posturing and give it the imprimatur of truth – and act shocked and offended when someone suggests they are biased. They do this because their careers and ratings are more important than the truth (and honestly think us naïve for not accepting/understanding). If we suggest that they should be held to a higher standard we are derided as being judgmental. These behaviors are absurd and we used to have a simple and universally accepted way to label them – we called it a lack of integrity.

Note: The behavior stemming from this belief is not hard to observe, but you must pay attention (over time) and avoid media manipulation by watching full speeches (not just soundbites), read legislation and scientific reports (not just the media’s interpretation of it), look at actual voting records (for politicians), and judge the results of legislation and policy for yourself. When you see bad legislatThis is time-consuming and probably why most of the population resorts to placing faith in certain media outlets or pundits – and why StressFreeBill says that whom you trust is the most important decision you will ever make.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #2

There are no absolute standards – everything is relative. Practicing double-standards is not just limited to a selfish desire to win the political or professional game… It can stem from a belief that there are no moral absolutes in life. Anything can be justified under the right circumstances. Proponents of this moral philosophy are quick to cite ethical conundrums or rare examples to bolster their argument, but when you accept this philosophy it means you have no moral grounding. You can justify any ethical breach, any course of action… and you can arrogantly reject the US Constitution and the Rule of Law as absolutes. It is this philosophy of moral relativism that allows these cliques and cultures to form in the first place. After all, what they do is for the greater good – everyone (in their clique) says so.

Note: The behavior stemming from this belief is easy to observe (relatively speaking).

Identifying Behavioral Trait #3

The rule of law should not be applied equally to everyone. This belief is closely related to Moral Relativism. In a world with no moral absolutes, anyone can be excused of anything – as long as their offenses were in the name of the greater good (or, at least, the Politically Correct version of it).

Note: The behavior stemming from this belief is easy to observe.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #4

Religion is considered a vice for the less informed and less intelligent among us. This belief is central to Moral Relativism. When a person believes their own intellect is the highest authority, they feel challenged, insulted, and rebuked by others that deeply believe in a higher power. ‘Minority’ or foreign religions are granted the pandering tolerance expected from a more enlightened culture, but Christianity is the greatest domestic threat and therefore deserves the most derision. Christianity is not just looked at as a wrong way of thinking, it is considered a dangerous belief system worthy of open hostility.

Note: The behavior stemming from this belief is obvious.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #5

Where you went to school, how much money you make, where you live, and who you hang out with is the best determiner of your sophistication, intelligence, and ability to lead. Their belief: Much of the population in fly-over country mainly concerns itself in parochial endeavors and addles it’s thinking with religious superstition. The east and west coasts (especially the northeast) are the centers for enlightenment and clear thinking. The very best universities cater to this enlightened demographic so it is no wonder that these elite souls tend to be the highest earners, captains of industry, and the true power behind government and media. And, you can’t really communicate with others that don’t or can’t appreciate these levels of sophisticated thinking, so of course all the good people tend to hang out together – it’s not considered being insular and elitist; it is simply ‘rising above it all.’

Note: The behavior stemming from this belief is less than obvious because our media never pins down our leaders on why they believe certain things. However, it can be deduced by observation and the occasional ‘slip of the tongue’ during an interview or speech. Thank you, Dr. Freud.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #6

An honest self-delusion that your and/or your faction’s intellectual superiority should be obvious to most, and you marginalize those with different philosophies by acting as if they are in the minority. This belief leads to treating the opposition with disdain. Living in a cultural bubble creates a feedback loop that leads these people to believe their ideas are so obviously better that any and all other intelligent people would instantly recognize it – and the small minority that doesn’t is either diabolical or ignorant. The media is especially guilty of this and arrogantly operates on this premise daily. Some believe this to be a disingenuous strategy by media factions designed to dishearten the opposition – to make them think they’re losing the ideological war.

Note: The behavior stemming from this belief can be easily witnessed by tuning into CNN and other leftist networks. Once a person gets good at recognizing this behavior they can tune into FOX News an easily discern which anchors and hosts are of the Ruling Class persuasion.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #7

The practice of Identity Politics and victimhood. The Ruling Class inevitably uses a strategy of divide and conquer. Their conversation and debate always center around factions of the American population and never our people as a whole. There cannot be a conversation around the good of the country because if whites prosper, then blacks must suffer; if the rich benefit, the poor must sacrifice. Once divided, the Ruling Class can then play the role of advocate for that marginalized faction – thus demonstrating their compassion (and importance). Ironically (or, deviously), they many times create or aggravate the very problems they claim to have the solutions for. Much of the media is a willing participant in this practice… for example, you will never hear a mainstream journalist ask the question, “How can both sides win? Can we find a solution to better protect our children from mass shootings and protect the Second Amendment?”

Note: The behavior stemming from this belief is one of the easiest to identify.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #8

Political debate and reasoning inevitably deteriorate into the Politics of Personal Destruction. A favorite strategy of the Ruling Class is to personally attack their political opponents. Even ‘high level’ policy debate will many times be punctuated by a personal zinger thrown in – it’s like the Ruling Class just can’t help itself from demonstrating its superiority by running down others. This kind of leadership from the top translates down to the masses so that all conversation is consumed by personal insults and denigration – to the point where a reasonable discussion many times simply cannot happen. This is a distinguishing trait of the Ruling Class and, until recently, has been a tactic used almost exclusively by them. In an interesting twist, candidate and now President Donald Trump started turning the tables by counterpunching with this same tactic. He has used it to devastating effect, and it should be noted that he always discusses policy first and only goes to it as a last resort.

Note: The behavior is one of the easiest to identify.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #9

Legislation, policy, action, and deeds are invariably symbolism over substance. Rather than seeking real solutions, the Ruling Class will seek to implement policy that makes them look good. It is a particularly effective strategy when used to mask true intentions under the guise of compassion. (H/T to Rush Limbaugh)

Note: This behavior is relatively easy to identify by simply asking the question, “How has this actually helped?” Or, “What are the unintended consequences of this action?”

Identifying Behavioral Trait #10

The rhetoric of the Ruling Class is often hate-based. While many Ruling Class proposals are shrouded in words of compassion, they are many times positioned as a protection from a hated oppressor. Example: We need compassionate welfare for the poor because evil big-business interests have stolen their opportunity and wealth. Identity Politics and the Politics of Personal Destruction are closely related to this. This belief system is attractive to the disenfranchised in our society whom are often angry in their own right – and are vulnerable to manipulation by those that would feed that anger.

Note: This behavior is very obvious, but there is also a much subtler form of it being practiced… it is the hatred of total indifference. Many in the Ruling Class Oligarchy (the Donor Class, global business interests, etc.) simply do not care about the plight of their fellow Americans. Unfortunately, this unconscionable behavior is only evident after research and study.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #11

The Ruling Class agenda is many times hidden from the American people by the clever use of labels – labels that convey the opposite of true intentions. The Ruling Class (much to their chagrin) still, at least for now, has to operate in a representative democracy. So, they find it often necessary to deceive the public as to their true intentions. They are very good at branding and the media will never call them on it. The following are a sampling of examples that are self-evident: Net Neutrality (legislation that removes control of the internet from the free market and gives it to government regulators), Free Trade (truly free trade does not require the US to allow other countries to cheat and stack the deck against us), Pro Choice (instead of pro-abortion – Planned Parenthood doesn’t counsel any other course of action), Open Society (the George Soros group that financially backs fascist, socialist, and anti-free speech groups), Progressive (a political ideology that tries to retard US economic growth, expansion of energy production, constitutionally protected freedoms, and opportunities for individual success), and FAIR – Federation for American Immigration Reform (there is nothing fair about people illegally entering the country, driving wages down, increasing costs to the American taxpayer, and then arrogantly demanding the right to vote, i.e. citizenship).

Note: This behavior is relatively easy to identify – you just need to pay attention.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #12

A belief that America was founded by evil men, has gained its riches illegitimately, and is (at best) no better than any other country in the world. This mindset is now being taught in universities across the country. Ruling Class professors teach that our country was based on slavery, we ruthlessly pursued genocide against Native American Indians, we were lucky our continent contained abundant natural resources and used these riches to exploit less fortunate countries world-wide, and we’ve used our military and economic might to force our will on the rest of the world. In addition, the portions of the world that hate us (the Middle East, North Korea, Pakistan, Cuba, etc.) are justified in their hatred. They teach and exaggerate every negative and ignore the tremendous good.

Note: This warped belief system is obvious to any credible historian and easy to identify when you notice expressions of disdain toward acts and displays of patriotism.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #13

Believing the US Constitution is a guideline; it is not a bedrock document meant to constrain government. The Ruling Class wants to rule – and the US Constitution only gets in the way of that. They believe this outdated document must be replaced, or updated to their vision.

Note: This behavior can be identified by listening for key phrases… They will refer to the Constitution as a ‘Living Document’ and discuss how the Constitution is old and the world has changed (ignoring that fundamental principals of freedom don’t change). Progressive and ‘activist’ judges are on a mission to alter the meaning of the US Constitution.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #14

Patriotism and Nationalism are considered naïve and passé. This is a belief that stipulates only ill-educated fools think we don’t live in a global community and as such, we have a responsibility not to use more than our share of the world’s resources or gain an unfair amount of the world’s riches. This is closely related to the belief that we should feel guilt for our national hubris of the past. Putting our country first is not being a good global neighbor and will only bring us grief as the rest of the world stops tolerating us.

Note: This behavior is easy to identify when you notice expressions of disdain toward acts and displays of patriotism.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #15

The belief government (in general) should be our friend and is inherently a force for good. People with this belief have an all too common ability to ignore all of human history – Power Always Corrupts. Coupled with a totally irrational desire to abdicate all personal responsibility for their own future, these manipulated individuals would willingly hand over the reins of power to those that would rule and enslave them. Unfortunately, these are the same people that believe their right to vote is an obligation free of any responsibility. These individuals are probably more manipulated by the Ruling Class rather than of it – but their actions are in concert and it is therefore a moot point. The Ruling Class do not want government constrained; they want us all to believe government is our friend (after all, they’re the ones that should be running it). Government helps people and the bigger the government, the more people get helped is their pitch. If the constitution needs to modified, updated, or ignored to help better achieve this… then so be it. They inevitably promote the idea of Government as a Solution of First Resort, whereas our Founding Fathers specifically decreed that Government be a Solution of Last Resort.

Note: This behavior is difficult to discern, subtle in its allure, and deadly in its application.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #16

All economies (national and global) are zero-sum games, and wealth and resources are limited. This is a belief that if one country is rich, another must be poor. After all, there is only so much wealth to go around (And, by the way, it’s about time America stopped hogging all the wealth). Our planet’s resources are almost exhausted and America is the biggest culprit. This belief again totally ignores all of human history – technological progress not only grows the economy (creates more wealth) for everyone, it has allowed us to overcome the depletion of natural resources (when was the last time you used whale oil to light your house or buffalo skins as blankets?).

Note: This behavior is not difficult to discern, but is almost impossible to reason with. A person that deeply believes this way has been manipulated and typically does not have the historical background or reasoning ability to overcome it. I wish I were wrong about this.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #17

They stand against American sovereignty and embrace a globalist vision – at any price. If everyone in the global community is going to be equal, then the United States has to be answerable to someone. So, what if that line of thought resembles socialism? That would be better than the Imperialism America currently inflicts upon the rest of the world, right? And socialism is not so bad, ask any college professor. Those who want globalism, even if it means global socialism, are woefully or willfully ignorant of the hundreds of millions that have been slaughtered and oppressed under those ideologies. The best way to enslave a population is to convince them to put the chains on themselves.

Note: This behavior is also not difficult to discern, but it too is almost impossible to reason with. A person that deeply believes this way has been manipulated and typically does not have the historical background or reasoning ability to overcome it. I wish I were wrong about this.

Identifying Behavioral Trait #18

As long as they are in a position of power, the type of government crammed down everyone else’s throat is not important to our would-be masters. Ruling Class Oligarchs (Many of the Donor Class, Media Personalities, Establishment Intelligentsia, etc.) feel they are sufficiently established (perhaps naïvely) to protect their turf no matter the rules everyone else has to play under. Many of these people are highly educated and fully understand the consequences of allowing authority to collectivist doctrine (socialism, communism, etc.) – they just don’t care. They either arrogantly see themselves as the most fit to lead humanity, or are diabolically cunning enough to wield the power to their advantage. This hubris and selfishness is as old as mankind. It has retarded progress, restricted wealth to a few, slaughtered hundreds of millions and starved as many more, promoted suffering, enslaved generations, and shattered dreams throughout all of history until a handful of very smart men, living in a tough and raw new world, decided that there could be a better way. For the first time ever, the created a government of the people, by the people, and for the people and humanity prospered.

Note: These people can be identified by following the money. When we discover politicians, pundits, professors, and media elites that promote open borders, ‘Free Trade’, ever more governmental regulation, multinational treaties, a reduction in civil rights, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), global environmental treaties, and other policy that, in effect, reduces the sovereignty of the United States – look at where their money comes from. The individuals and organizations funding these global socialist policies are Ruling Class Oligarchs.

For any one person to harbor all of these traits would be monstrous – yet they do exist. While many everyday people may conform to some of these beliefs without deserving the moniker of Ruling Class, those that exhibit a large number of these traits definitely qualify.

I would reiterate that whether a person is diabolical or deluded, if they are witting unwitting, it makes no difference if they are promoting the agenda of the Ruling Class culture.

If a majority of these traits happen to describe you, and if you hold a position of power (be it elected office, the media, academia, etc.), know that you are my political enemy.

If a majority of these traits happen to describe you, and if you hold a position of power (be it elected office, the media, academia, etc.), know that you are my political enemy. You are not just a respected opponent from an opposing party; you are not simply another American with differing ideas on how to achieve the same goal; you are diametrically opposed to everything I believe in. You are diametrically opposed to the freedoms and ideals that generations of my family have spilt blood for. And I will oppose you in every election, every public square, and by every legal means available. So help me God.


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