Are the Ruling Class a Bunch of Pansies?

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It is definition 3b that I am using for this article and for any detractor to suggest otherwise is simply disingenuous, ignorant, and slanderous. Definition 3a is a stereotype and like all stereotypes is snarky, disparaging and many times inaccurate – and should not in any way be confused with my intentions here. Regardless of a person’s feelings about homosexuality, there are certain characteristics that are permeating America’s Ruling Class (establishment) culture that need to be discussed. The danger is, with the extreme PC society we live in, detractors will be able to distract from the real message here by using the Politics of Personal Destruction and attack the messenger with accusations of homophobia or misogyny. Indeed, I think the fear of being labeled as unsophisticated, barbaric, crude, insensitive and/or less than intelligent prevents many from even contemplating this issue – let alone discussing it out loud.

So, why take the risk? Because there is a very real trend occurring in our society – our American culture – that is disturbing and dangerous. Because without identifying it good people have no way of combating it. Because if we want our nation to survive, we must know who we are…

And just like ancient Rome and the aristocracies of Europe, America’s self-appointed Ruling Class have become effete – and are attempting to forcibly mold our society into their vision.

This, of course, spelled doom for those societies. So, it might be worth taking a look at, don’t you think?

Rome fell, in large part, through its own decadence. We’ve all heard the stories of how Queen Marie Antoinette (when told the peasants were starving because there wasn’t enough bread) said, “Let them eat cake.” Whether this bromide is historically accurate or not, there is no question that the disdain the nobility and clergy displayed for the commoners paralyzed reform and led to the bloody French Revolution of the late 1700s. This story of the Ruling Class isolating themselves from those they rule always ends the same way and repeats itself many times throughout history.

Whether we’re called ‘Deplorables’ or looked at as denizens of fly-over country, Ruling Class politicians, media, intelligentsia, and bureaucrats see us as inferior to them intellectually, morally, and culturally.

How is this relevant to us today? The most obvious is the arrogant superiority the American Ruling Class establishment lords over the working class. Whether we’re called ‘Deplorables’ or looked at as denizens of fly-over country, Ruling Class politicians, media, intelligentsia, and bureaucrats see us as inferior to them intellectually, morally, and culturally. The hallmark of American Exceptionalism has always been the peaceful transition of power following elections. Our current Ruling Class is sufficiently arrogant that they have openly abandoned this. They are willing to lie to congress, lie to the courts, and lie to the American people. They are willing to obstruct installation of the new government, publicly disobey the lawful orders of the President and have privately plotted to subvert them, reinterpret laws, fund and foment social unrest, and openly plot to remove the new President from power. Rather than honor our country’s Constitutionally mandated transition of power, their open mantra is, ‘Resist.’

To any sane observer, this would qualify as an existential threat to our democracy. However, just as the Ruling ‘Landed Gentry’ in England faded away after Word War I, one can believe (correctly or incorrectly) that America’s current Ruling Class will likewise self-destruct. What is much more insidious is a cultural transformation that is threatening to rob us of the very vitality that propelled a small colony into the world’s richest, freest, most advanced, and most powerful country…

The current Ruling Class is promoting and celebrating the emasculation of our society.

The current Ruling Class is promoting and celebrating the emasculation of our society.

The Founding Fathers were educated and wealthy. They were leaders of their respected communities. They were strong opinionated men of action. They did not celebrate weakness and were not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. They managed to be sophisticated yet strong, competitive, and ambitious. Likewise, the women of the time were much stronger than their European counterparts and achieved it without surrendering feminine qualities honored throughout history. Writers and historians do not portray them as having delicate sensibilities.

As wars were won and the western frontier opened up, rugged individualists of both genders made their way west. They carried with them a true pioneering attitude. For generations, thousands of hardworking Americans left the comforts of the east to travel by wagon, cook by campfire, and live with dirt floors until they could marshal the resources to rebuild civilization in a new territory they called home. They didn’t let fear and uncertainty freeze them into immobility and they didn’t shirk the responsibilities of creating society anew; they did what needed doing regardless of personal danger. Indeed, they honored with mythos and respect men and women of courage, valor, and strength of character. They turned military officers into heroes and lawmen into legends. They created new standards of manners and their own version of polite society – but no one would ever think of these people as delicate.

With the advent of the industrial revolution America embraced its competitive fires and refuted foreign economic domination with a full-throated drive towards manufacturing self-sufficiency. Americans endured brutal conditions to create better lives for themselves and their families. Whether the captains of the cut-throat capitalism of the times or factory workers – no one would ever accuse these generations of having delicate sensibilities.

Generally speaking, you’d be hard-pressed to find even an ounce of testosterone at the State Department.

Americans are tough. When the Great Depression hit and the middle of the country suffered through the Dust Bowl, we endured. And through all of this, the writers and poets we embraced and the entertainers we revered were of the people. No one would ever accuse Mark Twain or Will Rogers of being elitist or delicate.

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor America went from not wanting to be involved to literally saving the world from Nazism, Fascism, and Japanese Imperialism. Recruiting stations were literally overrun with volunteers and women worked in factories to support the troops. Even after the war was finally won, we continued being the toughest kid on the block until the Communism of the Soviet Union was finally defeated.


Before they fell, the Soviet Union threatened our technological superiority by launching the world’s first satellite, and then put the first man in space. They also attempted to base nuclear missiles just a few hundred miles off our shore in Cuba. President Kennedy responded not with appeasement or negotiation; he called for America to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade and issued an ultimatum to the USSR – abandon missiles in Cuba or go to war. When Muammar Gaddafi of Libya started financing worldwide terrorism President Reagan responded not by trying to buy his cooperation, but by bombing his palace. History shows that we were first on the moon, Cuba remains nuclear free, and Gaddafi never supported another terrorist.

Americans have always celebrated toughness combined with justice. From John Wayne to 007 to Rocky to Bruce Willis’ character in Die Hard, we have made heroes of those that epitomize this. From Hans Solo to Princess Leia, we have revered rugged individualism and those that stand up against the odds for what is right. From the movie screen to the dad teaching his young son that he’d better not ever start a fight, but if someone hits you first… finish it

But it’s not that way it is anymore, is it?

If your son or daughter defends themselves at school they get expelled. Under a ‘no tolerance’ policy, they receive the same punishment as the attacker. There is no justice and the lesson is that being strong and defending yourself is brutish and immoral.

Strong men are now vilified. Toxic masculinity is now taught in our schools; boys are taught that being masculine is unhealthy and promotes rape culture. Concepts of being emotionally tough, being competitive (and winning), and any form of physical dominance are considered dangerous. In short, many of the traits that made the United States the greatest country on Earth are now looked at with derision 

Can anyone imagine John Wayne raping anyone?

(and our country’s success is looked at as illegitimate). Do not underestimate how widespread these teachings are – although ever-increasing, some form of this tripe has now been taught to generations of men and women.

It is, of course, total nonsense. Emotional expression is fine in either gender, but there is value in being able to control one’s emotions – especially in a life or death situation. Being attracted to a woman doesn’t mean a boy is a sexual predator and talking about it with another boy isn’t the promotion of rape culture. Can anyone imagine John Wayne raping anyone?

All of this idiocy can be traced back to a Marxist/leftist/feminist ideology that has infected our universities (especially our Ivy League schools). It is an outrage and needs to be opposed, but the purpose of this article is to go further and address how this has affected our government and our current Ruling Class…

All levels of our government, from politicians to political appointees to lifelong bureaucrats… from lobbyists to editors to national media… all levels are now fully populated by former students that have been indoctrinated in these teachings. And the results on our society and foreign policy are evident.

Law enforcement officials that put their lives on the line and serve in the most dangerous of neighborhoods are not revered – they are despised. Furthermore, even a recognition that a particular neighborhood is dangerous is considered racist. A President that wants to halt immigration from the most dangerous countries in the world is similarly judged. Standing up for our laws and defending our borders is viewed brutish and immoral. The intelligentsia that is supposedly comprised of the brightest minds America has to offer openly eschew military strength, denude our economic power (we don’t want the world to think we’re a bully), and cite appeasement as a preferred strategy for foreign policy. As a result, President George H. Bush negotiated away our Middle-Class wealth by signing NAFTA. Bill Clinton gave North Korea billions of dollars on the promise they would halt the pursuit of nuclear weapons and sold China our ballistic missile technology. President George W. Bush allowed China to become a member of the World Trade Organization and then stood by and watched over the next seven years as they manipulated their currency and broke dozens of international trade laws – all to the detriment of the United States. He did engage our military forces, but only in a controversial effort that ultimately destabilized the Middle East and enriched the military industrial complex. President Barack Obama depleted our military while maintaining its engagements thus stretching our defensive capabilities to the breaking point while at the same time negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) that surrendered American sovereignty over numerous trade issues. His State Department sold 20% of our country’s uranium reserves to Russia and gave the Iranians $150 billion on the promise that they would temporarily halt their nuclear weapons development program – without any realistic way to verify compliance. Because that wasn’t enough, an additional $1.7 billion was given (in cash) that the administration admitted would probably be used for terrorism. When dealing with Syria (and indirectly Russia President Vladimir Putin), President Obama drew a ‘Red Line in the Sand’ against Syria’s further use of chemical weapons. When Syria ignored the warning, the administration did – basically nothing. In addition, the Obama administration instituted a large number of domestic programs that were designed to emasculate white males and elevate outcomes for minorities. These programs didn’t address core issues or causes of disparity, rather they focused on making outcomes look better. One such program included the Broward County, FL Sherriff’s office and dictated a dramatic reduction not in crimes committed, but for arrests for those crimes committed. Therefore, Nikolas Cruz had no criminal or mental health issues that would have prevented him from passing a background check. He was unimpeded in purchasing the gun he used to kill 14 kids, 3 adults, and wounding 17 others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL on February 14, 2018.

The American people need to realize that much of our government and most of our Ruling Class is made up of effete pansies that have never been taught how to stand up for themselves, let alone us. Can you imagine Captain James T. Kirk doing nothing if an adversary crossed his red line? (Or, how about Andrew Jackson, George Washington, Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, etc.). I don’t care what gender our leaders are, but they’d better be rugged individualists that will stand up for what’s right, against all odds and with a bravado that makes me want to follow them. We had best start calling out the Adam Schiffs, Chuck Schumers, Nancy Pelosis, and Jeff Flakes for the lily-livered moral cowards that they are. We need to stop apologizing for any ‘crudeness’ our President might exhibit and start lauding the ‘stand-tough’ policies he is enacting.

We can defeat America’s self-appointed Ruling Class at the ballot box, but their lasting stain on our culture will only be reversed if we address it head-on. Politics may be down-stream from culture, but culture is downstream from language, and I (for one) am tired of parsing language so as not to offend delicate sensibilities.

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