Who Do You trust to Best Negotiate for the United States? Donald Trump or the Establishment?

As this article is being written, Mike Pompeo, the current director of the Central intelligence agency, is preparing to be grilled by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This public interrogation is not for the purposes of updating our lawmakers on the machinations of our allies or the nefarious deeds of our enemies… Instead, it is another attempt by the establishments of both the Democrat and Republican parties to publicly question President Trump’s competence at foreign affairs. Some of them honestly think he’s not competent while others privately fear that he is. Regardless, they are united in not wanting you, the American people, to trust him to negotiate for the United States.

We have labeled the establishment culture as the Ruling Class. And they have ruled our country for at least the last 30 years. George H. Bush was a Republican one-term president elected to office immediately following Ronald Reagan’s two terms. He was elected because Americans felt he would continue Reagan’s patriotic, America First, conservative policies. He failed to get reelected because Americans realized he was anything but – he was the first president to start talking about America as a responsible citizen of a larger global community. He was the first American president to put an asterisk behind America First; he was the first globalist American president.

Since that time and up until the election of President Donald Trump, all of our presidents and most of our nationally elected public officials have been raised, educated, and indoctrinated in the New World Order philosophy. The majority of congressmen and senators are either closet globalists or financially dependent upon the donations of multinational corporations. As we believe behavior never lies, it is a distinction without a difference. Our federal bureaucracy has been almost exclusively staffed with those of the same ideological elitism, and the same Ivy League schools that produce the overwhelming majority of our nations politicians and bureaucrats have also churned out journalists with the same globalist indoctrination.

It is important to understand that their vision of globalism is simply socialism on a nation-state level. It is a redistribution of wealth from the richest countries to the poorest. And since the United States is the richest country…

So, who do you trust to best negotiate for the United States? Donald Trump or the Ruling Class establishment?

In only his first one and a half years, President Trump has forced our NATO allies to start honoring a treaty they have been violating for decades, exposed Germany’s collusion and financial support of Russia (the very country the NATO treaty was formed to defend against), and exposed Germany’s corruption on the very same issue (a former German Chancellor is the CEO of a company that will financially benefit immensely from the German/Russian arrangement). He has fulfilled the unfulfilled promises of numerous US Presidents by actually moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, pulled us out of a disastrous deal that guaranteed the terrorist nation of Iran nuclear weapons in the not so distant future and reinitiated embargoes that will all but insure regime change. He has militarily stymied Russian aggression, Syrian genocide, and the expansion of Iranian influence in Syria without losing a single American life, tightened alliances with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other Middle Eastern countries and has formed the platform for a Middle Eastern alliance against Iran. He has supported the social liberalization of Saudi Arabia that has led to (among other things) greater rights for women and forced China to support our efforts to bring North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to the table – halting threats to regional neighbors as well as nuclear and ballistic missile testing. He personally formed a denuclearization arrangement with Kim Jong-un that has (so far) led to the dismantling of a ballistic missile test site. He successfully forced through a massive military funding increase that will allow the U.S. to return to the successful Peace Through Strength doctrine. He publicly spearheaded the drive to change our tax laws so that multinational corporations can repatriate trillions of dollars that are currently stashed overseas and will only now become available to stimulate the American economy, while privately lobbying heavily with those same companies to bring that money home and create jobs here. Most importantly, he is renegotiating disastrously unfair trade deals with our allies like the European Union, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, and Canada as well as unfriendly competitors like China (and is already garnering major trade concessions). He is using tariffs, diplomacy, financial aid, military deployment, and every tool available to him to renegotiate what has become the redistribution of trillions of dollars of American wealth to other nations…

He is every globalist’s nightmare.

Now let’s compare that to the Ruling Class establishment’s accomplishments over the last 30 years. The Clinton Administration benefited the American people by welcoming China into the World Trade Organization and allowing them to siphon off trillions of dollars of American wealth in lopsided trade deals… Oh, wait! During that same time span we brokered a deal that gave China previously restricted guidance system technology for ballistic missiles… Hmm… We also endured the photo of a dead American soldier being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu by jubilant Somalis.

During both the Clinton and Bush Administrations we allowed China and other countries to manipulate their currencies to help them compete against American companies and watched the beginnings of the financial hollowing of the American middle-class. These same Ruling Class masterminds created NAFTA, which dramatically accelerated the transfer of American wealth and jobs to our ‘allies’ in Mexico and Canada. And we shouldn’t forget that our Ruling Class bureaucracy swore to us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction so we launched a trillion-dollar war that has cost us thousands of American lives.

It is important to understand that their vision of globalism is simply socialism on a nation-state level. It is a redistribution of wealth from the richest countries to the poorest. And since the United States is the richest country…

Both the Bush and Obama administrations allowed China to perpetrate an ongoing campaign to steal trillions of dollars’ worth of Intellectual Property from American companies.

The Obama administration, on the advice of many of the same establishment intelligentsia that got us into the Iraq war, pulled our troops from the country and created a leadership vacuum that created ISIS – a terror organization that would be responsible for thousands of more deaths. These same elitist foreign affairs experts then proceeded to totally destabilize the middle east by creating the ‘Arab Spring’ that threw Libya, Egypt, and other countries into civil war. This precipitated a refugee crisis that has all but overwhelmed Europe and inalterably changed European culture forever. Those same experts negotiated the disastrous Iran nuclear deal and gave the world’s #1 sponsor of terror $150 billion. They also brokered the TPPA which is basically NAFTA on steroids as well as the Paris Climate Accords for which compliance would dramatically further reduce America’s competitiveness on the world stage. In addition, they counseled the Obama administration to remain passive as China illegally expanded territorial claims in the South China Sea and Russia did the same in the Crimean Peninsula and Syria.

Obviously, it is hard to cram 30 years of history into a few paragraphs so we just took the highlights. Surprisingly, it was also hard to cram President Trump’s 18 months of accomplishments into the same amount of space. Still, it makes for a stark compare and contrast…

The Ruling Class politicians, intelligentsia, intelligence services and our Ruling Class media are all trying desperately to convince Americans that we shouldn’t trust and/or allow Donald Trump to negotiate our foreign entanglements. I have one question for them…

Why not?

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