PRC PAC The Primary the Ruling Class Political Action Committee Defeat Globalist Ruling Class Establishment Republicans in Primary Elections all across the country. The Ruling Class Republican Establishment hand-picks fellow RINOs and promotes them as conservatives in Republican Primary Elections. Because so few Americans vote in the Primaries, these are relatively inexpensive elections and the establishment … Read more


The Primary the Ruling Class Grassroots Movement Political Activism. PRC members have been instrumental in school board curriculum reform, election integrity efforts and lawsuits, GOP precinct elections and volunteering, voter canvasing, and community organizing, as well as other forms of political activism including phone bank and door to door electioneering. Educate the American people on … Read more

Who Do You trust to Best Negotiate for the United States? Donald Trump or the Establishment?

As this article is being written, Mike Pompeo, the current director of the Central intelligence agency, is preparing to be grilled by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This public interrogation is not for the purposes of updating our lawmakers on the machinations of our allies or the nefarious deeds of our enemies… Instead, it is … Read more

Great Example of Why We Need the Primary the Ruling Class Movement

Great Example of Why We Need the Primary the Ruling Class Movement There is a self-appointed Ruling Class culture that has formed in America. It is made up of mainstream media, Deep State bureaucrats, globalist oligarchs, Ivy League intelligentsia, and many professional politicians (of both parties). They arrogantly believe they are smarter than the rest … Read more