The Ruling Class Judiciary

Power Corrupts

Our Founding Fathers were fully aware of this. Most of us tend to forget that civilization had existed on our planet for thousands of years prior to the American Revolution. Humanity had already played around with untold variations of government. Investing power in a single ruler had never worked out well; emperors, dictators, kings and queens… all totalitarians inevitably end up abusing their people. Slightly diffusing that power among a small group of oligarchs (like a politburo or a weak and disempowered legislature) also didn’t seem to improve things – ask any citizen of a communist, Nazi, socialist, or fascist government.

The inescapable lesson was that Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

Ancient Greece had tried the novel idea of diffusing power throughout the entire citizenry. Every person (excluding women and slaves, of course) had a vote. This worked well for a while and one suspects that its success was aided by the fact that, at least in terms of technology, it was simpler times. Eventually, however, it led to internecine fighting among the Greek city-states of Sparta, Athens, Thebes, and Karen. With no clear leadership, a weakened Greece would eventually fall to the Romans.

This is where the brilliance of our Founding Fathers really shines. Building on the weak example of the House of Commons in Britain, they designed a government that still maintained strong leadership yet diffused the power by separating it into three co-equal branches.

This is why the United States government has an Executive Branch, a Legislative Branch, and a Judicial Branch.

The key to making this system work is that the branches are equal but separate.

An oversimplified way to explain this is to say that the Legislative Branch (Congress) is in charge of making the laws and authorizing government spending, the Executive Branch (the president) is in charge of national defense as well as executing and enforcing the laws, and the Judicial Branch (federal judges) are in charge of interpreting the laws.

In other words, the President can’t order a federal judge to rule a certain way. Senators and congressmen can pass laws but they cannot enforce them. And federal judges cannot tell the President how to defend our country. But as this book is being written, our Ruling Class Judiciary is trying to do just that.

Ruling Class Judiciary noun / ruː.lɪŋ ˈklæs ˈjo͞oˈdiSHēˌerē,jo͞oˈdiSHərē /
Federal judges that no longer feel constrained to simply interpreting the US Constitution or Congressional Legislation. Through an ever-expanding doctrine of Judicial Activism, they are convinced they have a duty to guide our country to a superior vision of the way things should be. They validate their usurpation of power by claiming the U.S. Constitution to be a Living Document. A document that must be modified and reinterpreted to fit modern times. And, of course, they are the only ones fit to determine that reinterpretation.

The clear Separation of Powers defined by our three branches of government is designed to give us a system of Checks and Balances. The idea being if any one branch of the government oversteps its authority or attempts to usurp the power of another branch, the other two branches can gang up to stop it. But what if one (or both) of the other branches doesn’t want it stopped?

This, unfortunately, is the current state of affairs we find in the United States of America. The Ruling Class Intelligentsia that has indoctrinated and educated our judiciary for generations belongs to the same culture that spawns our Ruling Class Politicians. Both the Judicial and legislative branches of our current government are literally on the same page; they are overseeing the rights of We the People being evermore passed into the hands of the Ruling Class. Congress continues to legislate away our rights to privacy and property while judges reinterpret the Constitution to allow it. Indeed, prior to the election of President Donald Trump, it could be argued that for a number of terms the Executive Branch has also been occupied by Ruling Class Politicians derived from this Ruling Class Culture.

StressFreeBill is not by nature a pessimistic person. But as we begin to realize how thoroughly all three of our branches of government have been corrupted by this Ruling Class Culture, it becomes ever more obvious that the time to act is now. I do believe with all my being that there is still time to work within the system, within the law, to fight the good fight, regain our country, and once again start educating our children in the truths and values that made America great. We will discuss specific calls to action in a later chapter, but I charge every reader to consider the following question… What are you willing to do, within the law, to preserve and protect the United States of America and all she stands for?

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