The Ruling Class Bureaucracy

What Is the Deep State?

Most of us have heard pundits and journalists talk about the Deep State. We watch almost daily as the Washington Post or New York Times publishes some shocking bit of ‘news’ about President Donald Trump – 

and the origin of these ‘credible leaks’ is always some un-named source from the White House, the Intelligence Community, or the Office of the Special Counsel.

Setting aside for the moment that many of these leakers are committing felonies, and that felons aren’t generally considered credible, the entire Ruling Class Media then spends the next day or week discussing how damaging these unfounded revelations are and how dire the situation is for our President. And even though a good many of these leaks are ultimately proven entirely false, the Ruling Class Media eagerly awaits the next leak and the frenzy starts all over again. This happens over and over; you can set your watch by it.

This is where the term ‘Deep State’ comes in. These leakers are supposedly life-long non-partisan government employees deeply embedded in the bureaucracies of Washington who reportedly fear greatly for the course of our nation and feel compelled to get the word out about the democracy-threatening atrocities being committed by the Trump Administration.

But is that true?

Let’s look at a far more likely scenario – but first, we need to make a quick review of how our Federal Bureaucracies work…

In the article, The Ruling Class Judiciary we discussed our three separate but coequal branches of government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial). This is the doctrine of Separation of Powers and is intended to provide checks and balances against any one branch getting out of control.

The Executive Branch (the President) has the Constitutional authority to execute and enforce the law and protect the nation, among other things. He does that by presiding over massive federal police and defense organizations such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security as well as the Department of Defense.

In addition, the President also oversees vast numbers of civil servants divided up among the various departments such as Treasury, the Small Business Administration, Health and Human Services, etc.

There are almost 22 million people employed by federal, state, and local government in the United States. That’s almost as many people as all the Fortune 500 companies employ combined . It is almost double the number of people employed in manufacturing positions nationwide³. Even if you remove the 1.4 million military personnel that still leaves a staggering number of people whose salaries are being paid by the taxpayer. Of these, 2.79 million are federal civil servants, of which slightly over 4,100 are political appointees.

The 4,100 political appointees make up the department heads, managers, assistant directors, and other top-level positions among the various agencies. Typically many (almost all) are replaced every time a new President takes office. This is common sense – a new administration wants its own people that believe in its own agenda running things.

It is impossible for any new incoming administration to have all 4,100 political appointees interviewed and lined up on day one of their administration. Therefore many of these positions remain occupied by the previous administration’s appointees until they are replaced. Typically, new administrations start by replacing the top positions, like cabinet secretaries and agency directors, first. This allows those that will be in charge to help in the selection of other appointed personnel that will fill out their departments.

One quick side-note: The Ruling Class Media and Ruling Class Politicians have been trying to claim that the size (in employees) of the Federal government has been remaining steady or declining. This is a great example of how they try to manipulate and mislead We the People. Many of this number of ever increasing positions have been pushed into contractor status. So, while they are technically not employees, they are still paid with our tax dollars and are doing the same job. The Federal workforce is expanding.

Every administration wants their own appointees in office as quickly as possible, but it has never before been considered an issue of national security because it is always assumed that the political appointees of any administration will place country before politics.

But what if that were no longer true? What if a vast number of political appointees no longer value America over and above their own agenda?

Ruling Class Bureaucracy noun / ruː.lɪŋ ˈklæs ‘byo͝oˈräkrəsē /
Career and politically appointed bureaucrats that do not believe in American Exceptionalism. They have their own agenda for the course of America and arrogantly believe they have a moral imperative to enact their ‘smarter vision.’ They show no regard for the will of the people and will engage in subversive, illegal and immoral acts to further their own egos and agenda. To these people, patriotism is naïve and the provenance of fools.

The Obama administration gained a reputation for staffing the government agencies and departments with ideological zealots. For example, John Brennan, formally the Director of the CIA, has a well-documented history of promoting gay rights. StressFreeBill actually watched a seemingly credible pundit on Fox News accuse Brennan of purposely jamming as many gays as possible onto the employment rolls of the CIA regardless of an individual’s competence or if they were the best qualified to do the job. That pundit has certainly not been the only one to question Brennan’s integrity in this respect.

Let’s be clear; Obama apologists will be quick to accuse StressFreeBill of being homophobic or anti-gay or whatever the popular putdown of the moment happens to be… The truth is, I could care less about someone’s sexual preference, skin color, gender, religion, or what color of toothbrush they use. I care about the United States of America and for those that serve her to do so well. I care that our country be our civil servant’s top agenda. I do not care if John Brennan is gay or whether he hired gay people to serve in the CIA; I care that he reportedly stuffed as many ideological zealots as possible into the CIA and that those zealots place their own agenda ahead of the Constitution of the United States, the Rule of Law, and the expressed will of We the People (the election results). I would feel the same way if his agenda was to stuff white people, women, or Hindus into the agency at the expense of competence or loyalty to America.

Remember also that these appointees typically represent the top levels of the department. After eight years of being in charge, what are the odds that ideological zealots will promote civil servants with the same philosophies and repress the careers of those that believe differently?

Also, realize that we have good documentation about John Brennan and his self-admitted LGBT agenda at the CIA, but what about the Justice Department? Or, the State Department? Does anyone really believe that the Obama administration didn’t encourage this type of ideological prioritization in all of the federal departments and agencies that fall under the purview of the Executive Branch?

If we have a new President, why doesn’t he simply replace all of the Obama appointments?

Well, that’s the plan. But it can’t be done overnight even in the best of circumstances… And our current situation is anything but the best of circumstances.

Of the 4,100 positions needing appointments, 1,242 of them need Senate confirmation. And remember, most of these represent the top bosses in the various departments. Most of them need to be appointed first, before the thousands of other political appointees can be replaced.

And herein lies the problem.

Chuck Schumer, the Senior Democrat in the United States Senate, vowed to slow walk Senate approval of Trump administration appointees. He has been largely successful in this; the last member of President Trump’s 15-member cabinet was only approved by the Senate in April of 2017 – three full months after the new administration took office. It took three months to appoint just 15 people!

Before we start thinking this is simply a partisan Republican vs Democrat issue, we should remember that the Republicans control the Senate. So, how can Senator Schumer slow down anything?

Because Ruling Class Politicians, both Democrat and Republican, don’t want the process speeded up…

Ruling Class Politicians do not want the advances of the globalist agenda rolled back. They prefer to stall and resist. To the self-appointed Ruling Class, every roadblock and impediment imaginable must be thrown up against the current administration.

In the article, How Congress Gets Away with Lying to Us,  we talk about the Byrd Rule – a Byzantine Senate Rule whose only valid purpose is to give cover to politicians not wanting to respond to the Will of the People. The Byrd Rule allows Senate Democrats to filibuster any nomination unless 60 votes can be mustered to bring the issue to a vote. The Republicans have a majority, but they don’t have 60 votes. The Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, could call a simple majority vote to revise or suspend the Byrd rule at any time… But he doesn’t choose to do so. Instead, he allows the Democrats to drastically hamper President Trump’s ability to build a government.

StressFreeBill would suggest that if any readers are still harboring doubt that there is a self-appointed Ruling Class in Washington that spans and supersedes both political parties, this example alone should put that thought to rest.

As we will explore further in a later article, the Obama administration made a number of questionable, probably unethical, and definitely unprecedented moves right before leaving office. An important one that helps explain how we end up with a Ruling Class Bureaucracy has to do with the transition of political appointees to federal civil servant jobs. In other words, in the weeks and months before the Obama administration left office many political appointees applied to have their status changed in their various departments from appointee to employee. Because of a lackadaisical approach to federal guidelines and reporting, no one knows for sure how many political appointees actually tried to do this – we only know that it was well over 100 and at least 88 were successful.

It should also be noted that besides hiding ideological partisans within the bureaucracy, it also makes them almost impossible to get rid of once discovered. Because of Public Sector Unions and Civil Service regulations, it is almost impossible to fire a federal civil service worker. This is why an employee of the EPA only received a 30-day suspension after being convicted of stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. This is also why it is taking almost a year to take any disciplinary action against the Veterans Administration nurse that was caught operating on a veteran while intoxicated.

The effect of all this skullduggery is to bestow upon President Trump a government that opposes him. Honest people may disagree over the motives outlined here, but the behavior and effects are documented facts. Remember, Behavior Never Lies.

Once again, StressFreeBill wants to emphasize that this is not about politics as we know it… President Donald Trump represents the duly elected Will of the People. The agendas he is attempting to enact are the agendas of The people. The resistance buried deep within the federal bureaucracy is not anti-Republican; it is anti-democracy. It is anti-Constitutional. And the felonious lengths the Ruling Class Bureaucracy is willing to go to undermine and subvert the ability of this administration to govern proves them to be anti-American.

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