Judge Roy Moore (R-AL)


Runoff Election for Republican nomination: September 26, 2017

Special Election for US Senate (Alabama): December 13, 2017

In the opinion of StressFreeBill, Judge Roy Moore should represent the GOP in the Special Election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions former Senate seat.

He has the strength of character to stand up against the swamp and no one questions his integrity or willingness to stand firm against political pressure. He can be expected to support President Trump’s agenda.

He will be running against the incumbent, Luther Strange, who was appointed to fill the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he became the US Attorney General  – and there was controversy surrounding that appointment. Judge Roy Moore won the first Republican Primary election and, because none of the three main candidates garnered over 50% of the vote, will participate in a run-off election with Strange (who came in second) to be held on September 26, 2017 – the winner of which will represent the Republican Party in the December 13, 2017 Special Election.

Roy Moore, is a strong conservative and has the endorsement of Sarah Palin. He has also received a great endorsement from Gov. Mike Huckabee. He has proven his strength of character by twice refusing to bow to politically inspired liberal demands – and was twice removed from his office as the Chief Justice of the State’s Supreme Court as a consequence. Judge Roy Moore is a strong Christian and the liberal proclamations he refused to enforce were religious in nature. More than for any particular policy stance, StressFreeBill sees Judge Roy Moore as a champion that will stand next to President Trump and not be deterred from Draining the Swamp – the #1 most important challenge facing our country today.

Judge Roy Moore has many well thought out positions and puts them forth plainly:

  • He believes in lower taxes and smaller government. He would even support the Fair Tax.
  • He believes that foreign trade should be fair and benefit the American people at least as much as it benefits the other countries.
  • He is a strong Constitutionalist and opposes Judicial Activism.
  • He believes that open borders are a threat to our national security and economy and will support building the wall immediately.
  • He believes in repealing Obamacare.
  • He believes in a strong military and is against discrimination, but believes that our armed forces should not be used for social experimentation or social engineering.
  • He wants to avoid foreign entanglements.
  • He believes education should be the responsibility of the states.
  • He believes in American sovereignty and is cautious of globalist impingement upon it.
  • He supports American energy independence.
  • He believes in the ‘traditional family,’ God, and that Planned Parenthood should receive no federal money for abortions.

Judge Roy Moore Must Defeat Luther Strange in the Quickly Approaching Runoff Election and Become the Next US Senator Representing the State of Alabama

The GOP Establishment polling shows this as a close race. Mitch McConnell’s Republican Establishment will shower massive amounts of money into Luther Strange’s election. Judge Roy Moore has nowhere near the same financial resources, yet he must find a way to win.

We want to support the Republican challenger for this nomination, Roy Moore. The Alabama Special Election runoff will be held on September 26, 2017.

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