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StressFreeBill and PrimaryTheRulingClass.com recommend the following candidates to divide your donation amongst. In other words, decide how much you want to donate and the divide it up between the worthy candidates. For the full strategy Click Here.

We always encourage everyone to do their own research; however, if you would just like a fast way to make your donations, click on the Donate button in each image, or go to the drop down menus.

Note: Unless you specifically make a donation to this website to help cover hosting, maintenance, and generally support the cause, all of your donations go straight to the candidates. There is no middleman and 100% of your donation goes directly to the candidate’s campaign.

Dr. Kelli Ward (R-AZ)DonateLearn More

Danny Tarkanian (R-NV)DonateLearn More

The Primary the Ruling Class MovementDonate

After you’ve donated, if you like, we’ll add you to our Patriots Honor Roll. Send Us an email with your name and total donation amount (we just want to keep track; we won’t publish the amount).

We’ll send you a gift as a way to say thank you for supporting the cause.



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