Why Join the PRC Movement?


What is the most noble thing you’ve ever done?

If you have a family you’ve certainly made some sacrifices for them, and if you’re a veteran that would surely qualify… but what are you doing right now – today – that you’ll be able to look back upon in your later years and know that you made a difference?

If you’re reading this I’m assuming you’re somewhat of a patriotic person; someone that cares about the future of our country. You’re someone that knows our professional Ruling Class politicians are taking us in the wrong direction

When you join the Primary the Ruling Class (PRC) Movement, you set-up a patern of duplication that can build organizations of tens of thousands of people (you join, then recruit two others, who each recruit their two, etc.). Not only does this create a warchest from donations that can be used to campaign against Ruling Class candidates nationwide, but it also creates an army of volunteers that can take social media posts viral and create a groudswell of grassroots videos and posts to get around the mainstream media. In addition, you create a volunteer pool to promote and attend rallies, etc.

YOU can have just as much impact on the next election as any mega-donor – just by joining and getting your two…

Ask yourself this… If you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt you could change the course of America, would you?

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There is an elite self-appointed Ruling Class attempting a soft-coup in America. Certain professions like the national media, academia, Hollywood, and the professional political class have created a Ruling Class culture and they could care less about the Will of the People.

Americans, however, are fed up. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to wrest power away from these self-appointed elitists. The stage is set but to defeat them we must be smart and we must be organized.

The Ruling Class establishment politicians are vulnerable in the Primary Elections – this is where we must defeat them.

Most normal Americans don’t pay much attention to the primaries… We need to change this! We need to raise awareness, organize local votes, and fundraise for national campaigns to defeat these swamp monsters.

If you knew you could make a difference, would you do your part to defang the swamp monsters?

We need volunteers. We need people that will pass out brochures, put out yard signs, distribute door hangers, mail out postcards, etc. We need people that will recruit others to help this grassroots groundswell to Primary the Ruling Class.

Join the millions of people nationwide that are ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’ of how our nation is being run.

If you’re good at making videos, go to this website’s store and acquire a PrimaryTheRulingClass.com banner to hang behind you while you record your message* – then spread that message far and wide on social media. If you can put a number of people on a webinar or fill a room with people ready to take their country back from the Professional Ruling Class, then contact us about StressFreeBill speaking online or flying in to speak to your group in person.

Know this… people are ready to take their country back; you don’t have to convince them. You just have to show them how and help them understand We Can Do This…

We can show Americans how to take their country back. You can do it and it will work.

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Doing your part could be as simple as handing out PrimaryTheRulingClass.com Leave Behind cards to everyone you meet. You don’t need to convince anyone to do anything – just get them to go to the website.

We also need donations. We need people from all around the country donating small amounts to the Primary the Ruling Class Committee to oppose incumbent Ruling Class candidates in the Senate and House of Representatives. Our best chance to primary Ruling Class candidates is to educate people as to what is really going on in our country. To accomplish this we need to drive massive numbers of people to this website as well as the StressFreeBill Blog.

Most Americans don’t focus on the primaries… This needs to change! We need to organize national donations to defeat the swamp monsters.

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