Primary the Ruling Class Volunteers


We need a massive push to make people aware of how important the Primaries are and which candidates oppose the Ruling Class, as well as other related issues important to draining the swamp. You can volunteer a little of your time (see below) and/or a little of your money. To make a financial donation, go HERE.  To explore the possibility of being a paid fundraiser, contact us HERE. For more information on volunteering, see below.

Even if your Congressman or Senator doesn’t need to be replaced, you can still donate – and encourage others to donate – to campaigns nationwide.

Donors must be US citizens or US Permanent Residents.

We Need Leaders...

We are looking for State Chairmen and/or Chairwomen as well as Assistant Chairs that will help coordinate activities on a state or regional basis.

In addition, we are looking for:

Rally Captains – We need volunteers to recruit and organize others to distribute materials at local State Fairs, political rallies, or any other large public events.

Op-ed Writers – We need volunteers to write opinion pieces we can use online and distribute via various media. Use the form below and we’ll send you instructions on how to submit your work.  Please review our Terms & Conditions.

Event Captains – We need volunteers to organize webinars and fill meeting rooms that StressFreeBill and Primary the Ruling Class captains can speak to. We also need leaders with public speaking experience.

Canvassing Captains – We need volunteers to recruit and organize others to canvass neighborhoods with door hangers and/or organize postcard campaigns into selected zip codes.

Social Media Captains – We need volunteers to spearhead and organize others in promoting the movement across all social media platforms. Whether it is producing independent content and/or sharing website video and articles, we need large numbers of volunteers to consistently drive traffic to the website.

Media Production Captains – We need volunteers with access to radio, television, and/or video production facilities.

Fundraising Captains – We need volunteers to recruit and organize others to raise funds for the Primary the Ruling Class movement. We have a long list of projects that deserve funding.

The Patriot Army – We need massive amounts of people spreading the word in everyday conversation, handing out Leave Behind cards to everyone they meet, organizing friends for a webinar, and doing everything they can to raise awareness and drive people to the PrimaryTheRulingClass website.

Do Your Part – Join the Movement

Contact us with the form below and we can discuss the options:



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  • Go here to financially support this website and the movement to Primary the Ruling Class

Do Your Part – Join the Movement

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