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Primary the Ruling Class and PrimaryTheRulingClass.com are both legal business names for a grassroots movement founded by StressFreeBill and dedicated to educating the American public on the importance of national primary elections as well as identifying specific elections with the potential to replace Ruling Class Politicians.

Ruling Class Politicians are defined as those elected officials that have demonstrated a greater allegiance to the elitist Ruling Class culture, and to the donors that financially prop it up, than they do for the Will of the People or the principals and ideals expressed in the Constitution of the United States.

PrimaryTheRulingClass.com is in the process of filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as an Independent Political Action Committee (Super PAC). As such, PrimaryTheRulingClass.com does not donate money or coordinate with the campaign of any candidate. We do, however, raise money to independently campaign against Ruling Class incumbents. We utilize various forms of media including, radio, television, print, social media, and other forms of online marketing and advertising for the purposes of supporting and/or opposing specific candidates and educating the public on the importance of Primary elections.

Ruling Class Politicians are those who demonstrate a greater allegiance to their elitist Ruling Class donors than the Will of the People.

Our mission statement is as follows:

Our goal is to expose, reject, undermine, and render impotent the anti-American Ruling Class culture that is attempting to take control of our country. We will do this by working within the law in a nonviolent manner. We understand that changing or replacing a culture is a long-term effort based upon winning the hearts and minds of people rather than trying to control what they can say and do. We will use our influence and our voice to support champions of American ideals, and to legally remove from office those that oppose them. We will have the strength to expose and speak truth to the powerful elite that stand against these ideals. We will be ever confident that our voice, added with millions of others, will carry the day and ensure that “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from earth.”

A Note from the Founder:

I started PrimaryTheRulingClass.com as a Public Service accessory to the bestselling book I had written, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy.

Most anyone that reads the book will understand that this is a passionate cause for me. I have watched for years, and documented, an elitist sense of entitlement permeate our federal institutions and many publicly funded or publicly protected professions. Under President Barrack Obama, I watched this arrogant mentality coalesce into a tangible culture – what I call the Ruling Class culture. As I document in my book, and as I continue to explain and expose on my website, StressFreeBill.com, this Ruling Class culture could care less about the Will of the People. They believe they are smarter than you, better informed than you, in a better position to make decisions than you, and better equipped to usher the world into some socialistic globalist vision of a future you probably can’t even conceive. Theirs is a higher truth and archaic impediments to that vision (like American sovereignty) be damned.

Lest this sound conspiratorial, understand that all of this is well documented and is, at best, a poorly kept secret in Washington. There is nothing non-factual about these statements – it is simply a matter of escaping the groupthink and shouting, ‘The Emperor has no clothes!’

There is a groundswell of public sentiment opposing our self-appointed Ruling Class. Many Americans haven’t put a name to it, and might not be able to clearly explain what they are feeling… Phrases like ‘Deep State,’ and ‘Drain the Swamp’ are thrown around with growing conviction, yet don’t seem to clearly define the problem. The term ‘soft-coup’ is being used ever more widely, yet few could explain specifically who is behind it… or, why. ‘Establishment Politician’ and ‘Mainstream Media’ are other terms the people use to express their growing anger.

As history has repeatedly shown us, and as the previous administration revalidated with its refusal to use the term Radical Islamic Terrorism, you cannot defeat an enemy unless you can properly identify it and name it.

StressFreeBill and the Primary the Ruling Class movement have simply put a name to our common enemy – a name that immediately resonates with everyone that hears it. In addition, the best-selling book and the StressFreeBill.com website explain how and why this Ruling Class culture came about. The PrimaryTheRulingClass.com website shows people exactly who the Ruling Class politicians are, and how to fight back using the Primary Elections.

Additionally, becoming an Independent Affiliate Member of PrimaryTheRulingClass.com allows any citizen to amass the same economic impact as a multimillionaire donor. In other words, our members can be as economically important to elections as ‘Fat Cat’ donors.

I didn’t set out to start a Super PAC. I had always believed they were some incredibly complicated mechanism for multi-millionaire donors to pool their money to affect elections. But as the groundswell of support for this movement grew it became obvious that to fund all of the great projects we have envisioned we will need to raise funds – the financial requirements to support a national movement are immense. Any donation (large or small), any purchase, any level of membership, goes a long way towards our goal to Primary the Ruling Class. We thank you in advance for your support.


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