We are Witnessing an Attempted Coup – An Overview of What Every American Needs to Know

What’s Really Going on with Mueller and the FBI?

UPDATE: (2/2/2018) The release of the House Intelligence Oversight Committee memo on illicit and criminal activities at the top levels of the FBI and DOJ validate this article and this book. There is a Ruling Class culture permeating the highest ranks of our government that believes itself above the electorate and the law. What we are seeing with this memo release is just the tip of the iceburg.

UPDATE: (12/15/2017) A full week after StressFreeBill published this article (and four months after publishing the bestselling exposé, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy) FOX News has validated this story. What this author has been exposing for months is finally starting to come into the open.

Politicians, pundits, and reporters (at least, the good ones) are careful with their words. Unlike the Ruling Class Establishment who blowtorch invective, lies, and accusations without basis, the good guys have a sense of professional ethics that moderate their language and sometimes make it hard to understand the full implication of what they’re saying. The more serious the crime/accusation/conclusion the more reserved their message. Because the issue before us today is perhaps the most politically significant since the Civil War and the most dangerous to our democracy since the Cuban Missile Crises, our leaders are tiptoeing around trying to avoid saying anything that might sound outlandish (at least until they have incontrovertible, admissible in court evidence to back them up).

To heck with that. I’m going to tell you what everyone in power already knows; I’m going to lay out what’s going on in plain simple language. When I make a statement that can’t (yet) be proven, I’ll footnote it so you can use your own common sense (like I have). I am confident that what I’m writing here is true to within 99% accuracy. ALL FOOTNOTES HAVE NOW BEEN CONFIRMED BY THE HOUSE INTELLIGENCE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE

One last note before we start: The individuals comprising the Deep State may be terribly misguided patriots or malicious anti-American apologists. They may be intelligent and diabolical manipulators or naïve followers. They may have total awareness or be blinded by the Ruling Class culture they are subsumed in…   It doesn’t make any difference. We are concerned with behavior, not motives. And their behavior is the greatest threat to our constitutional democracy in living memory. They must be stopped…

The individuals comprising the Deep State may be intelligent and diabolical manipulators, or naïve followers… It doesn’t make any difference. We are concerned with behavior, not motives. They must be stopped…

Robert Mueller is the Special counsel that has been assigned to investigate the Trump Campaign for colluding with the Russians to win the last election. On the surface it seems complicated and confusing; and with the ruling class media giving it the gravity of a Watergate type of investigation it has been shrouded in legitimacy. After all, if so many important people are taking it this seriously, there must be something to it, right?

Um, actually… no.

It is actually anything but a somber investigation; it is actually a farce. This isn’t just a partisan explanation, it’s an explanation backed up by legal ethics and the rule of law itself. It is also not complicated at all. It is very easy to explain.

First, let’s set the stage…

Do you remember back in high school where there were different cliques? Groups of friends (and quasi-friends) that hung out together. To them, you were either ‘in’ or you were an outsider. Well, this entire investigative charade has been instigated by one such clique – a clique that is actually a subset of the larger Ruling Class Establishment. In my Bestselling book, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy, I document how America’s self-appointed Ruling Class has actually become a culture unto itself and seamlessly works together with disparate groups (cliques) of politicians, media, academia, bureaucrats, etc. Their common goal is to preserve the status quo (maintain power) and keep the swamp filled – regardless of the Will of the People. Their resistance and goals are unconstitutional and are therefore correctly labeled as a ‘Silent Coup.’

The Mueller investigation, for example, and the entire ‘Russian Collusion’ narrative has been entirely fabricated and pushed by one especially corrupt clique within the Ruling Class Establishment – the Ruling Class Bureaucracy (the Deep State).

The final (and most important) part of stage-setting necessary for understanding is this; the Obama Administration had corrupted, politicized, and weaponized certain government agencies to the point of criminality (including the Justice Dept., the FBI, the CIA, and the State Dept.). The politically appointed heads of these agencies and the lackeys they had promoted within were committing felonies on an almost daily basis (Uranium One, Fast and Furious, the Clinton emails, the Clinton Foundation money laundering, etc.). And because this arrogant disregard for the law was standard operating procedure, when Trump won the Republican nomination these powerful bureaucratic department heads didn’t hesitate to focus their attention on making sure the outsider would never take office.

The hardest part of this story for the average American to comprehend is how arrogantly overconfident and smugly superior this corrupt bureaucratic clique believed themselves to be. They knew with Hillary Clinton as President none of their unlawful activities would ever see the light of day – indeed, many of them probably expected to be rewarded for their (unlawful) loyalty. It is also hard to comprehend how Republican political leadership (of the Ruling Class establishment) could turn a blind eye and offer no pushback what-so-ever. The Deep State was so confident in the righteousness of their superiority and their ability to sway the election they didn’t hesitate to hatch a clandestine operation that shredded the very fabric of the Constitution they had sworn to serve.

To prevent Donald Trump from ever becoming elected, they1 hired a firm known for successful slandering operations (Fusion GPS) to put together a smear file. This document was filled with untrue, unverifiable reports that Donald Trump and members of his campaign were colluding with Russian operatives. It also included false reports that slandered Donald Trump’s character, therefor providing ‘evidence’ of his unlawful and immoral actions. To give the fabricated smear piece the imprimatur of valid research, they called it a dossier (the Steele Dossier) and passed it around throughout the various intelligence agencies. They also circulated it (off the record) to a number of ruling class establishment media.

They then used the fake ‘dossier’ as evidence2 to convince judges to issue FISA Warrants to allow our intelligence agencies to monitor the phone calls of members of the Trump campaign. Since the Russian Collusion premise was a total fabrication, it is obvious their spying was for the sole purpose of gathering dirt on the campaign. Political operatives in the White House were then given access and began to ‘unmask’ and illegally review these collected conversations. It should be noted that this using of government resources to spy on US citizens – let alone members of an opposing campaign – constitute incredibly 

If all of these deeds were to become public, it would be the largest political scandal of our lifetime; people would be facing mandatory prison sentences. However, they weren’t worried. Everyone knew that Hillary would win the election…

serious felonies in and of themselves (for example: in the Watergate scandal, the Nixon administration tried to spy on the opposing campaign; the Obama administration actually did it).3

All of these things occurred before the November 8, 2016 Presidential election. In addition to the historic corruption at the top levels of the FBI, CIA and State Dept. concerning all things Clinton, the White House itself was now directly implicated in felonious activity via its unmasking of phone intercepts involving political opposition. If all of these deeds were ever to become public, it would not only be the largest political scandal of our lifetime, but a large number of people would be facing mandatory prison sentences. However, they were not worried. Everyone knew that Hillary would win the election…


From all accounts, when Donald Trump won pure panic set in amongst the Ruling Class Establishment. For the Deep State and other Ruling Class denizens, they were already in too deep to simply pack up their toys and go home. There were immediate and desperate efforts to annul the election through recounts and movements to beg electoral college members to break their pledges and vote for Hillary. Never Trump members of the GOP conspired to change RNC rules and disallow his nomination at the convention. The White House dramatically increased its unmasking of surveilled phone conversations and President Obama actually signed a proclamation vastly expanding the number of people with access to these same unmasked conversations – presumably to scour them for dirt with more efficiency and expand the circle of Trump resistance as wide as possible.

The elites of the Deep State, however, had their own ideas. After all, our intelligence services have been rumored to have on occasion overthrown foreign governments…?

Almost immediately, the effort to prevent a Trump election transformed into an effort to invalidate his election. The Ruling Class Establishment has many members in both the Democrat and Republican parties, therefor, if the legitimacy of the election could be undermined and the ire of the American People could be raised, impeachment of a duly elected US President would become a very real possibility. And make no mistake… there are enough Ruling Class Establishment politicians in Congress (of both parties) to make it happen. The only thing preventing it is the overwhelming support the people have for President Trump. This is why much of the mainstream Ruling Class media has abandoned professional ethics and sold-out to undermine the President – they are trying to diminish his public support (and if they ever succeed, he will be impeached).

A number of things happened between the election on November 8, 2016 and the day that President Obama stepped down and President Trump was sworn into office, January 20, 2017…

Republican Ruling Class Establishment Senator John McCain plays his role and publicly delivers the Steele Dossier to the FBI (they already had it). Buzzfeed publishes the dossier and the Hillary campaign team loudly claims it evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. The 

Make no mistake, the aim of the Deep State and the Ruling Class establishment is to impeach President Trump or force him to resign. That was the plot from even before he took office.

mainstream media, having already been privy to the contents, begins 24/7 circus coverage of the ‘Russian Collusion’ story.

In what can only be considered a coordinated effort, President Obama switches course (from saying Russia couldn’t possibly affect the outcome of our elections) to actually imposing Russian sanctions and expelling diplomatic staff as ‘retaliation’ for their election meddling. A former CIA analyst, Fred Fleitz, is now suggesting this was a planned trap designed to push the Trump transition team into contacting the Russians and asking them to hold off retaliation until the new administration could be sworn in. And although that wouldn’t technically be illegal, the surveilled phone calls could be selectively edited, the media would pounce, and the embedded Deep State at the Department of Justice could threaten legal action.

In addition, Jeff Sessions is announced as the future Attorney General and Rod Rosenstein (the future Deputy AG) begins his campaign to convince Sessions to recuse himself from any Russia investigation.

The trap has now been set, and the bait has been laid. The Ruling Class establishment is now ready to undermine and overturn a US Presidential Election. Their goal is and always has been to either impeach President Donald Trump or force him to resign.

Once Donald Trump was sworn in and took office, all the gloves came off…

Immediately upon taking office, the Trump administration is plagued with an unprecedented number of leaks to the media (more than one per day) designed to make him look like a bumbling fool that doesn’t know how to run the government.

Because of previously surveilled phone conversations between Trump’s National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador, Flynn was apparently targeted by the FBI as vulnerable. Even though his conversations were entirely legal, the FBI pounced… FBI investigator Peter Strzok and one other agent ambushed Flynn in his White House office and interviewed him. Because the ‘interview’ was a surprise, Flynn did not have his attorney present. Whether Flynn got scared and lied, or simply got confused and misspoke, he allegedly made a false statement regarding contact with the Russian Ambassador. This is the one and only crime (lying to the FBI) that he was subsequently indicted for. It should be noted that FBI attorney Peter Strzok also interviewed Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills during the Clinton email investigation and gave both of them a pass on apparent false statements that each made. Peter Strzok would ultimately be appointed to a top position on Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel.

This is also the beginning of the US Senate’s stalling of confirmations for President Trump’s nominees for his cabinet, department heads, and other important positions. The democrats fillibustered, delayed, and obstructed at every turn, and the Republican leadership lead by Mitch McConnell wrung their hands and pretended there was nothing they could do. The sole exception was the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court confirmation. This slow walking of appointees plays a critical role in the Deep State’s undermining of the Trump administration. That Mitch McConnel and other Ruling Class establishment Republicans allowed it is powerful evidence showing they give higher allegiance to the Ruling Class than they do the Constitution of the United States and the will of the people.

President Trump almost immediately upon taking office issues a travel ban and Sally Yates (the acting Attorney General) refuses to enforce it. She receives a number of congratulatory emails praising her for her undermining of the administration (including one from Andrew Weissmann, the  Justice Department attorney that would ultimately be appointed to a management position on Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel). Soon thereafter the President fires Sally Yates.

Meanwhile, Jeff Sessions is sworn in as the Attorney General of the United States and succumbs to pressure by recusing himself from any investigation of Russian campaign collusion. Judicial Watch proceeds to file numerous lawsuits against various intelligence agencies for refusing to honor Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for records that could exonerate the Trump administration of wrongdoing, however, the agencies continue stalling and refuse to hand over the records. The President is informed that he personally is not the subject of any investigation but when he asks FBI Director James Comey to make that public, he refuses (claiming he can’t comment on a current investigation).

Not long after, James Comey testifies to Congress about the Clinton email investigation and his questionable handling of the situation is exposed. With the recommendation of several administration officials (including Rod Rosenstein), President Trump exercises his constitutional authority and fires FBI Director James Comey. It should be noted that this firing is the bases for the entire ‘Obstruction of Justice’ narrative. Comey then immediately proceeds to illegally leak memos of conversations he held with President Trump to further that narrative. He would later testify that this was for the express purpose of getting a Special Counsel appointed.

Within days, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (Jeff Sessions had been talked into recusing himself) names former FBI Director (and good friend of James Comey) Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate Russian interference into our election, any possible collusion with the Trump campaign, and any other matters it might uncover.

It is important to note the appointment of this Special Counsel was an unlawful act. Investigations into another country’s interference or any collusion would be a counter-intelligence matter – not a criminal matter. Special Counsels are by statute restricted to serve in criminal matters – yet no crimes had been committed or even alleged at this point (collusion could be politically damaging but is not a crime). What is significant is that not a single Republican leader in the US Senate has opposed this appointment of Special Counsel. Behavior never lies; they don’t oppose it because, regardless of what they say publicly, they want it to succeed.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller proceeded to assemble a staff of politically biased and highly partisan investigators. The whole point of a Special Counsel is to investigate issues where normal channels could lead to (at least) the appearance of bias; the public confidence in justice must be maintained by unquestioned impartiality. Yet, once again, Republican Senate leadership permits this to slide with barely a comment…

Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Jeannie Rhee are all investigators for the Special Counsel and are hopelessly compromised with documented conflicts of interest and possible violations of ethics and law. Bruce G. Ohr, Associate Deputy Attorney General, was recently demoted at the Dept. of Justice for open fraternization with subjects of investigation (Robert Steele and Fusion GPS founder, Glenn Simpson). Rod Rosenstein at the Dept. of Justice also has conflicts of interest and should step-down (or at least recuse himself). James Comey should be investigated for admitted and suspected obstruction of justice and security violations. All of these people (and more) are committed members of the Deep State and, in my opinion, are acting in rebellion to the Constitution of the United States and the Rule of Law it represents. We do need a Special Counsel that will impartially investigate the very real crimes of unlawful unmasking, presenting fraudulent evidence to the FISA court, violations of national security (leaks), obstruction of justice, and possibly even… sedition.

What can everyday citizens do to thwart the attempted soft-coup and return our government to the Rule of Law? We can’t directly confront the Deep State – Congress has those oversight responsibilities. What we can do; what we must do… is remove from office the Ruling Class establishment politicians that secretly support this subversion and are hoping it succeeds. We can continue to vocally support the President and refuse to be cowed. We can stand up for what we believe in and deny power to those who would usurp our constitutionally given rights…

We can Primary the Ruling Class…

We need a Special Counsel that will impartially investigate the crimes of unlawful unmasking, presenting fraudulent evidence to the FISA court, violations of national security (leaks), obstruction of justice, and possibly even… sedition.


1 It is documented that the Republican megadonor, Paul Singer, initially funded the research. When Trump won the nomination, the DNC/Clinton Campaign took over. It is speculated (but so far unverified) that the FBI also provided funding. All funders, however, are members or agents of the Ruling Class Establishment. The FBI is currently refusing to hand over the corroborating documentation to Congress.

2 This is obvious, but not yet proven. Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is preparing to hold the FBI and the Justice Dept. in Contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents that would validate this very point.

3 Members of the Obama administration deny this. They maintain they were lawfully pursuing threats to national security. Since when do White House staff and a UN Ambassador (Samantha Power) investigate national security threats? Everyone is being careful to not point fingers at the Obama White House (yet), but their entire cover story is crumbling as more evidence emerges.

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  1. Donald must be squeaky clean when 12 months later all these Smart guys, crooked reporters and millions of dollars spent to dig up dirt on Trump. It’s amazing. The amount of effort that went into trying to find something scandalous was only wasted. And look at the hours these fools used when instead, they could have been doing something constructive. It is double standards where Dems are involved. I have never seen so much hate for a man trying to do the right thing for our country. I thank God for giving us Donald Trump. I hope the rest of the country can come to realize what obama was trying to do to our great country, and still is. The fool running around behind President Trump apologizing. The world does not need him.

  2. Bill I give you the privilege to write this presentation and also an A+. For a person like me who has been involved in politics and have seen all types of political systems and their operation style, it was not hard to draw the same conclusion. Still English being a secondary language for me, I might not have been able to use such carefully crafted wording that it so befitting. Job well done. Thank you.

    • Emanuel, I very much appreciate your comments. I think your English is good, and your heart and intellect are even better. Those of us that do see the situation clearly need to spread the word – I hope everyone will share this article far and wide.

  3. Hey Bill, that’s an excellent article! It’s nice to read some truthful news and not the garbage the mainstream media calls news. I’m soo tired of all the lies.
    I remember Obama when he was first running for President. He said, “Let me be clear, this isn’t just about ending the failed policies of the Bush years; it’s about ending the failed system in Washington that produces those policies.” But he gave up on “ending the failed system,” if he ever intended to end it. In fact, listening to him, it’s plausible to conclude that he was no longer convinced that the system was corrupt.

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