Is Senator Al Franken (D-MN) Really Going to Resign?

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On December 7, 2017 Democrat Senator Al Franken announced that he was… what? Resigning? No… he announced that he would be resigning in the coming weeks.

The most brazen of media outlets have taken note that his announcement included no apology for his behavior (indeed, he basically denied the allegations of sexual harassment were true) but none are challenging his intentions. But even if the Ruling Class media (including FOX News) are willing to accept his intention to resign as gospel, this writer is not…

I don’t believe Al Franken has any intention of resigning.

If Judge Roy Moore wins the Special Election for the Alabama Senate seat (as looks likely), Franken can then simply make the case that if the Republicans are going to seat repugnant sexist and homophobic evangelicals like Roy Moore, the good guys (Democrats) simply cannot afford to hold unrealistically higher standards for their own heroes (like himself).

In addition, he can also claim that President Trump faced allegations of sexual harassment and didn’t resign. Meanwhile, the false story that he has resigned gives the Democrats unrestricted license to go after President Trump.

The mainstream Ruling Class media is in full-throated support of this narrative, including NBC darling Megyn Kelly doing a primetime interview with three of Trump’s accusers.

Careful observation and common sense will expose the truth (behavior never lies), the Democrats (and the Ruling Class establishment of both parties) could care less about sexual misbehavior or policing their own ranks – the only thing they care about is using this wave of sexual harassment as a hammer to pound President Trump and reduce his public support to the point he can be impeached. And if they have to blur the lines between those accused with solid evidence and those who suffered eleventh hour allegations on the eve of an election… so what?


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