Ruling Class Republicans Willing to Give the Senate to Democrats

The Democrat leadership and the Republican leadership are on the same side – and it’s not the side of the American People. They are the Ruling Class Establishment and they are not willing to give control of our government back to the people. The collusion is documented and exposed in the bestselling book, It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy.

As to what just happened in Alabama, make no mistake, the Ruling Class Establishment Republicans are the single biggest reason the pro-America, pro-Trump, drain the swamp candidate Roy Moore lost the Alabama Senate race.

When the Washington Post just weeks before the election ‘found’ two women that were willing to claim Judge Roy Moore showed inappropriate sexual behavior towards them, Republican Senate Leader and swamp monster Mitch McConnell immediately called for Roy Moore to step down. No presumption of innocence, no call for the facts… just an immediate acceptance that the charges were true. And he wasn’t the only one…

A number of Republican swamp monsters piled on. They included other Republican Senators and Republicans as well as other ‘conservative’ leaders like Mitt Romney. It was almost like it was a preplanned coordinated effort. Hmm…

This gave the national (establishment controlled) Republican party the excuse to pull their financial support which left the Moore campaign facing the millions of dollars donated by the Barack Obama/George Soros groups, the millions donated by the Democrat party, and the huge amounts the Republican Establishment spent (demanding Roy Moore step down or promoting write-in candidates).

The mainstream media (of course) kept piling on by exaggerating the accusations, claiming seven accusers (there were only two) and refusing to publicize or acknowledge when the accusers’ stories fell apart (one forged the yearbook ‘evidence’ and the other’s story was shown to be full of inconsistencies and untruths and with a history of lying). The media heavily promoted a former female police officer that validated the ‘fact’ that local police knew of Moore’s predatory proclivities, but almost totally ignored the revelation that this same former policewoman had had a brother and other relatives sent to prison by Judge Roy Moore for dealing drugs. Even the former policewoman’s rageful proclamations of hate for Roy Moore went largely unmentioned. And the Republican Establishment leadership remained silent in his defense. Hmm…

This is not an article in defense of Judge Roy Moore. He has flaws just like any candidate does. The fact that his flaws were legal (dating younger ‘of age’ women with gentlemanly conduct and their parents’ permission) and the fact that Alabama 40 years ago had different standards than it does today, only proves the establishment’s ability to smear anyone.

Are you content giving the Ruling Class Establishment the power to manipulate election outcomes? Do you see the pattern? This isn’t an isolated incident.

You may or may not approve of Roy Moore’s actions 40 years ago, but is that justification for throwing away our democracy?

Hyperbole, you say? No, sadly it’s not. Those really are the stakes in America today. There is a Ruling Class Establishment that is refusing to relinquish power to a new duly elected President. They are working to overturn the election.

That is the definition of a coup!

There is no military involvement here, so we can call it a soft-coup, but it is nonetheless an unlawful attempt to maintain power.

This was a smear campaign perpetrated and orchestrated by the Ruling Class Politicians and the Ruling Class Media. The Ruling Class is now one step closer to controlling the Senate – and when it does President Trump will be removed from office via forced resignation or impeachment. Americans have trouble accepting this reality – it sounds so outlandish… We as a free people need to 

This is the definition of a coup! There is no military involvement here, so we can call it a soft-coup, but it is nonetheless an unlawful attempt to maintain power.

 ‘wake up’ and realize what we’re facing – a very real power grab (or, refusal to relinquish power). This is not at all about the Rule of Law. If the establishment can garner the votes in the Senate and the House, President Trump will be impeached – whether he’s done anything wrong or not!

To break the back of the Ruling Class Establishment, we must remove its political leaders from office. Ruling Class Republicans in the Senate and House must be Primaried and replaced with Republican candidates that support President Trump and his America First agenda.

I encourage everyone to support the Primary the Ruling Class movement.



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