A Plea to Traditional Democrats…

I would like to speak to traditional Democrats…

If you are one of the relatively newer far-leftist anti-American ‘I believe in socialism’ progressives, this message won’t be for you. I wish to reach out to the Democrats I grew up with… The ones who believe in having a social safety net but want to give a helping hand, not enslave generations in welfare dependency. I want to talk to those that believe America is a great nation, and because of that we can afford to take care of our poor and sick like no other – but also believe that choice and competition keep costs down and efficiency up. I need to speak to parents that are concerned with the quality of education – regardless of race, creed, or color. I want to have a candid conversation with those that believe in a strong defense, but are leery of the Military Industrial Complex. I want to engage in discussion those who believe working with dirt under your fingernails is just as dignified as knowing how to put a Windsor knot in your tie or code in the latest app. I want to communicate from my heart with those that marched with and/or will always remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his dream – not for demanding equality of outcome, or multicultural status, or reparations, or separatism, or the right to wave another country’s flag… but for colorblind equality as Americans.

I can understand a decades-long feud with Republicans. I can understand not trusting the political double-speak constantly spewing forth from the mouths of Republican leaders. I too have been disillusioned by the pretty words and broken promises, the slavish loyalty to their donors and lobbyists over and above the will of the people…

What I want to communicate to you is that this is changing.

There is a revolution going on in the Republican party. It’s really just beginning, and we have a long way to go… but the old establishment – what I call the Ruling Class – is being pushed out.

This elitist Ruling Class establishment actually exists in both parties, and both parties are going through a revolution of sorts. Unfortunately, those opposing the Ruling Class in the Democrat party are the far-leftist ‘We Hate America’ crowd. On the Republican side, we have a powerful grassroots movement of men and women who believe that the welfare and prosperity of Americans should come first – not the corporations, not the U.N., not the CEOs or lobbyists or mega-rich… simply We the People Americans.

We believe in keeping government small because the establishment (and their corporate donors) will always corrupt it and use it against us. We believe in protecting our borders because if we can’t protect our own people – our jobs, our wages, our security – then we surely can’t lend a helping hand to others. We believe America has been under attack for decades… and instead of our leaders (from both parties) protecting us, they have been weak and pursued appeasement. These attacks haven’t been military… they’ve been economic, terroristic, cultural, and political.

I can understand not trusting the double-speak spewing forth from the mouths of Republican leaders. I too have been disillusioned by the pretty words and broken promises, the loyalty to donors over and above the will of the people…

We also believe in keeping our children and our neighborhoods safe – we believe in the rule of law and believe it should apply equally from the poorest to the richest among us. We also believe that the elitist Ruling Class Establishment should not be allowed to hold themselves above the law.

We recognize that by far the majority of national media in America is not leftwing media or rightwing media – it is the elitist Establishment Media (and it cannot be trusted).

We believe that America is the greatest country on earth. Not because we’re perfect, but because we always strive to be better. Because rule by We the People gives us a mass conscience that will not long accept any form of inequality or injustice. Because domestically we believe in freedom and on the international stage we have always been a generous people – loyal to our friends and fierce to our enemies. Because through competition, hard work, and free markets we have fed the world and led the world. With technology we have improved the standard of living for everyone on the planet and defended freedom with our blood. Not just our freedom – we defeated Nazis in Europe and Imperialists in the Pacific. We defeated Communists in Asia, pirates in Africa, Socialist cartels in South America, and monstrous dictators worldwide. Despite what some want to claim, we are the most tolerant nation on Earth, and it’s not even close (many of our ancestors came here for religious freedom).

On the Republican side we are actually, slowly but surely, winning against the Establishment. In less than a year:

  • Republican Establishment politicians are being Primaried out of office, or are wisely declining to run for reelection.
  • By dramatically slashing the regulations that give establishment bureaucrats the power to rule our lives, our economy is doubling its rate of growth.
  • Black unemployment is at a 17-year low.
  • Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low.
  • Overall unemployment is at the lowest rate since 2000.
  • Manufacturing jobs are booming.
  • 80% of Americans will see a raise in their take-home pay starting as early as February (don’t believe the establishment media when they tell you differently).
  • ISIS has been decimated and its dreams of a Caliphate are dust.
  • Religious liberty is once again a priority.
  • We are taking steps to insure America will never again be at the mercy of other countries for our energy (our economy will never be held hostage again).

If you are a Democrat and take your news from the Ruling Class Establishment Media, chances are good you are only ever exposed to Ruling Class Establishment Republicans. I can assure you, these elitists Senators like Jeff Flake and John McCain (among many others) are on their way out. Their loud proclamations are the dying breath of an elitist culture watching its world burn down around them. The many and profound accomplishments of the last year are all things that the Ruling Class Establishment (of both parties) would never agree to. Their greatest ambition is to maintain the status quo.

My reason for writing today is simple; change is coming.

No one can blame Democrats for wanting to believe their leaders, for wanting to believe the media, for believing them that the future is doomed with the current administration. However, my plea is this…

As you start witnessing the surprising changes around you, I ask you entertain the possibility that the Establishment Media has mislead you. As you see the economy grow and manufacturing jobs return, I ask you to consider that we are, indeed, defeating the Ruling Class. As you personally experience, and hear from others that are experiencing bigger paychecks because of the tax cuts, I ask you to ponder that perhaps you’ve been lied to by Democrat leaders that care more about their fundraising than they do Americans. As wages increase for all Americans and the total corruption of the Washington establishment becomes ever more apparent I ask you to realize that we’ve all been manipulated. As evidence unfolds that the Deep State is real and that the only collusion was by the establishment (of both parties) against our President, I ask you to reconsider whom you trust…

I’m not asking you to change party affiliation or make an immediate change in political philosophy; I’m asking you to be open minded enough that over time, if you see our direction is true, you join us with your vote and your voice. I’m asking you to abandon the Ruling Class Establishment and to start supporting candidates with real American values – regardless of their party.

My reason for writing today is simple; change is coming.

Change is coming – and I know the Democrats I grew up with will welcome this change that benefits America and all her people.


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